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Mar 16
The NFT market has cooled off significantly since its peak in January and early February this year. The trading volume is less than half of what it was, most NFTs are much cheaper now, and many new projects struggle to sell out.
If you believe in NFTs long-term and you’re not just here for the quick flips, now is the perfect time to buy into the most promising projects.
You need to be extra selective about where you put your money though. Only the best projects will survive, let alone turn into good investments. For me, it’s even more important now that a project has the following: Great artwork, interesting utility/roadmap, a capable team, and a strong community.
The projects below all look promising enough to be on my watchlist. Whether I’ll end up buying a given project depends on how its launch plays out. Am I able to mint at a fair price? Is the demand as high as the follower count suggested? Does the art look as good as what the team had teased?
In other words, just because a project looks promising pre-launch doesn’t mean it’ll succeed. And even if the launch goes well, I won’t necessarily buy into it. Regardless, this isn’t meant as financial advice anyway, but simply a review of 3 NFT projects that I believe have the potential to do great things.
SKULLTOONS is a collection of 7,777 colorful 3D cartoon characters created by a neo-pop artist named Theodoru. He’s highly experienced, doxxed, and with a large following online. He’s also been working on SKULLTOONS in various formats for almost a decade. Now he’s moving from traditional art, illustrations, and physical toys into the NFT space.
The art is naturally of extremely high quality and in a style that’s highly popular in the NFT community. At the same time, the 3D artwork, the color palette, and the skull characters make the collection unique enough to stand out and be very distinct from all other popular projects.
And the art and IP are definitely the centerpieces of SKULLTOONS, something that’s clearly reflected in the roadmap. One of the first items here is a new and ultra-rare ‘Victors’ collection created by Theodoru. SKULLTOONS owners will have a chance to earn access to it through the ‘SKULLGAMES’, a combination of cryptography, steganography, and riddles.
As a SKULLTOONS owner, you’ll also play a vital role in The Artist Playhaus, an NFT launchpad for new artists in the space. Theodoru is the first artist in the program and SKULLTOONS owners will vote to pick the upcoming ones. Holders can also be able to get on the whitelist for future launchpad projects.
Another exciting item on the roadmap is something called the Toy Factory, where holders will be able to collect various real-life collections from the SKULLTOONS collection created by Theodoru.
While Theodoru and GAVROCHE (the name of the SKULLTOONS character) are undoubtedly the main faces of the project, there’s actually a full 8-person team behind it. They’re all represented by their SKULLTOONS avatars on Twitter though, so I’m happy that we can at least put a face on the artist.
SKULLTOONS has attracted a ton of attention over the past several weeks, from all the major influencers and the NFT community at large. This has helped them build up a massive following of 117,000 on Twitter and 150,000 Discord members.
The collection launches on March 20 for people on the whitelist (aka the ‘SKULLYLIST’ in this case). The mint price of 0.145 ETH is higher than most avatar collections, but also justified by the quality of the art and what other projects are trading for on the secondary market. If their Twitter and Discord numbers are real, they’ll have no problem selling out at this price.
Peek-A-Boo! is a really interesting project with lots of facets to unpack. It’s a generative avatar collection, it’s a game, it’s free to mint, and it’s one of the few projects of its kind created on Arbitrum, one of the leading scaling solutions on the Ethereum blockchain. Let’s unpack everything.
Peek-A-Boo! is a collection of 10,000 adorable Ghosts and Busters. They’re designed in the simple and friendly thick-line art style with colorful gradients in both the backgrounds and the characters themselves. The artwork is clearly inspired by the extremely popular Doodles collection, something the Peek-A-Boo! team states very openly at the top of their website front page.
Peek-A-Boo! is launching a battleship-style game called Hide-N-Seek along with their 10k collection on March 21. It also comes with a new native token called $BOO. Ghosts and Busters can earn $BOO through staking or be used more actively in the Hide-N-Seek game.
Ghosts can either be staked normally or onto a ‘GhostMap’ where the game takes place. You can then place your Buster onto the GhostMap in order to reveal where other players have placed their Ghosts. If you catch a Ghost on the map, you earn the $BOO reward!
The team behind Peek-A-Boo! is completely anonymous. This is normally a big red flag for me. However, because Peek-A-Boo! is a free mint and because of how the team has behaved throughout the lead-up till this point, I see no reason to be suspicious or hesitant to mint or buy one of their NFTs.
But trusting someone to not be a scammer is one thing. Trusting someone to build a successful project is another. We have no way of assessing the Peek-A-Boo! team’s ability to do this without knowing their backgrounds, experience, and connections. But then again, someone’s past doesn’t guarantee their future success either.
The Peek-A-Boo! team has been building for a while and built up a decent following along the way. They’ve currently got almost 50,000 members on Discord and 25,000 followers on Twitter. This should be more than enough for a free 10k collection to mint out and for the game to get some traction.
Peek-A-Boo! will launch for whitelisted community members on March 21 at 10 pm UTC. With the majority of the 10,000 NFTs expected to mint in the presale, get ready to pick up some on the Treasure marketplace afterward with me!
Small Bros is all about community. More specifically, it’s about community in the metaverse. Your access key to this community comes in the form of a cool-looking cartoon avatar designed by the talented Edrei. The artist is female, by the way, so the project may not be as bro-ey as the name suggests.
The Small Bros are done in a similar thick-line cartoonish art style as other well-known NFT collections. Look no further than Peek-A-Boo! above for another example. It’s an art style that’s performed really well in the past and seems to be highly popular in the space.
The artwork is one of the main reasons why I’m interested in the Small Bros project and I’m a big fan of the sneak peeks we’ve seen so far. And while the overall style and color palette may borrow from other popular NFT avatars, I do think the Small Bros are distinct enough to stand out. This will become even clearer after launch when we get to see the full collection.
The Small Bros team aims to create a virtual space for their holders to meet up and have fun with each other. They will host conferences, events, hangouts, games, giveaways, and much more. To begin with, this hub will be hosted on AltspaceVR, a platform you can access with or without a VR headset.
A lot of this will take place on The Bros Stage, situated on the rooftop of the Small Bros Hub. This is also where community members can request to host their own exclusive events for their fellow Bros.
You can also expect the customary branded merchandise as a Small Bros owner, coming in both physical and virtual versions. The virtual swag will come in handy when the 3D metaverse-ready Small Bros are launched in phase 2 of the project roadmap.
The Small Bros website only just launched a few hours ago with links to all 7 team members’ Twitter profiles. While they’re all using Small Bros avatars as their profile pictures, several of them have actually doxxed themselves on Twitter. Check out Raphael, Xavier, and Kevin, for instance.
A fully anon team can be a complete dealbreaker for me, so I’m happy that we’re able to put some faces on the founders.
Speaking of the Small Bros community, there’s really only one metric for me to judge it on: Their 86,000 Twitter followers. This is an impressive number though, and one that’s been growing rapidly as of late. More than 80 of these are accounts I follow myself, something that serves as additional social proof.
The presale starts on March 21 and runs for 24 hours with a mint price of 0.069 ETH. A minimum of 2,388 NFTs will be left for the public sale in which the price will increase to 0.079 ETH.
In order to participate in the public sale, you’ll need to get lucky and win a spot through a raffle. Raffle registration runs from March 16 to 19, so make sure you join that if you’re interested in picking up a Small Bro.
You can read all the launch details in this guide on the Small Bros NFT own Medium account.
Of these 3 projects, SKULLTOONS is the one I’ve got the highest conviction in. The 3D artwork is super high quality and very unique, and it’s created by an experienced and publicly recognized artist. It’s a bet on the brand and its intellectual property, and one I’d likely be willing to make for 0.145 ETH.
Peek-A-Boo! is fun, unique, and interesting in many different ways. If the associated game becomes popular, so too will the Ghosts and Busters with a price increase to follow. The fact that they’re created on Arbitrum and minted for free makes the project even more different and exciting.
Small Bros comes with some really cool art in a style that’s done extremely well in the past and still seems to attract lots of fans. The team also has some exciting plans for strengthening their already-large community even further in the metaverse. I will for sure be participating in the raffle and hope I can pick up a Bro or two.
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Originally published at on March 16, 2022.
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