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Blue-chip NFTs is a popular buzz phrase in the NFT marketplace. As more and more NFTs flood the market, investors are warier when making any trade, considering the industry’s volatile nature, which is where blue-chip NFTs come in. A blue-chip NFT is basically an NFT project that has established its place and is stable, meaning it can be considered an excellent long-term investment.
Hexgo is one of the few NFT projects to attain blue-chip status. Since its official launch, this unique exclusive and private collection of 10,000 NFT cards has proven to be a safer and more stable investment. It has recorded an excellent growth record and value with a great market cap. Here are four other reasons Hexgo will be the #1 blue-chip utility NFT in the coming months:
Hexgo is the first of its kind and consists of 10,000 exclusive and private NFT cards built on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-721 token. It is one of the first NFT projects with the Hexgo Core-10 principles. The Hexgo NFT project follows 10 main principles: registration, identification, verification, transparency, utilities, staff, experience, innovation, passion, and commitment. This has enabled them to create a solid online community and an NFT marketplace free of scams, rug pulls, and pump and dumps. This also helps the team develop strategies that allow Hexgo to continue growing in value.
2. Hexgo is the first NFT project to gift 50% of all sales royalties back to the members in a registered NFT giveaway contest.
Hexgo NFT is the first and only NFT project so far to offer 50% of sales royalties to members in a registered NFT giveaway contest. They also have a membership rewards card that gives members exclusive access to the Hexgo vault, heavy-duty utilities, and incredible rewards, giving members a lucrative return on investment.
3. Hexgo NFT is providing the NFT industry with something new and exciting.
Hexgo is focused on heavy-duty utilities and long-term value, which will help its holders grow their income and get incredible rewards. The project has a Hexgo vault and gifts hundreds of NFTs to members weekly. They also have their own marketplace, Hexgo club, Hexgo metaverse, and Hexgo rewards. You get early access to events, merch, and discounts as a holder.
4. The Hexgo roadmap is designed to keep the momentum and hype going every week, unlike 99% of other NFT projects.
Most NFT projects are hyped up during the first few days, and after the first half, the roadmap gets boring, and the project starts to lose its value. However, the Hexgo roadmap is designed to keep up the momentum and hype. Hexgo has an innovative and unique roadmap curated for non-stop action and longevity.
Hexgo is the first NFT project to offer paid and free whitelist tickets. After the whitelist mint and the public mint, they also have “Prime the Vault,” where they will buy over 1,000 NFTs to prime the vault for the first 30 days, pushing their journey that will end with the purchase of the Satoshi private island.
Not only has Hexgo earned blue-chip status, but it has gone on to disrupt the NFT marketplace and even become the #1 blue-chip utility NFT. Hexgo has been endorsed by entrepreneurs, influencers, and crypto whales, with many platforms talking about its unique approach to the industry.


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