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Awesome Possums Abbey RoadAwesome Possums Abbey Road
NFTs have proven to be lucrative investments over the years. The sentiments in the general crypto market fail to bear an impact on NFT collections backed by robust projects in the long run. The appeal of the unique digital collectibles lies in their blockchain make-up that makes tracking ownership and transfers super-efficient.
If you’re planning to invest in NFTs, this article will make your job easier. We have gone through dozens of new NFT projects and analyzed their features to give you a list of the top NFT projects to buy in July 2022.
Mint Date: 12 July 2022
Website Awesome PossumsWebsite Awesome Possums
Awesome Possums is an exciting new NFT collection of 12,000 unique digital collectibles that is dedicated to empowering mental health awareness and addiction recovery initiatives across the globe. As the first NFT collection to take on this noble mission, Awesome Possums ranks first on our list of the best new NFT projects. Owning a piece of the collection gives you entry to a talented and fun network of artists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, collectors, investors, and visionaries.
Among the 12,000 unique Awesome Possums, 10,000 are rare and 2,000 are hyperrealistic. In the first phase of the launch, 3,000 will be distributed to early adopters and winners of the various events hosted by the project. One of the key features of Awesome Possums is its focus on the community. Generous giveaways, games, merch, charity donations, student scholarships, and more await NFT holders as the project unfolds.
awesome possums projectawesome possums project
There are more interesting benefits of holding Awesome Possums. For starters, you are invited to a private Discord channel where you can share ideas, knowledge, and wisdom with other members. Communities that work for the causes supported by the project will also be a part of Discord conversations. It aims to back charities that work for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery and low-income students and families. Some notable communities on the list are Child Mind, Rethink Stigma, and Natural High.
12,000 Awesome Possums will be up for minting on 12 July 2022 at 12:00 EST. The presale will begin on 09 July 2022 at 12:00 EST. Early supporters and adopters will be rewarded with free ETH and NFTs during minting.
In the near future, Awesome Possums will launch a charity focused on addiction recovery which will sponsor the complete treatment of addicts seeking help. Keeping in line with this mission, it will also build a platform where art meets the recovery community. The other key milestones ahead include a VR game (Awesome Possums: The Road), a metaverse platform, the ‘Awesome Possum Podcast’ where recovered addicts share their road to recovery, more giveaways, exclusive meetups, charitable donations, and scholarships.
Awesome Possums RoadmapAwesome Possums Roadmap
The project intends to help as many lives as possible and create positive changes for humanity with this unique, quirky collection of Possums.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.
VeeFriends NFTsVeeFriends NFTs
VeeFriends from Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most popular NFTs to date. The collection of 10,255 tokens was launched to build a community around the entrepreneur’s creative and business passions. If you didn’t manage to get hold of them, here’s some good news — VeeFriends Series 2 is now out!
Each of the 55,555 creatively-designed digital collectibles possesses unique qualities, poses, and scenes. They are created using combinations of 251 VeeFriends characters, 55 backgrounds, and 6 poses. The NFT collectibles that live on Ethereum will be an integral part of the VeeFriends universe. While the collection includes 236 original characters from VeeFriends Series 1, fifteen are exclusively designed for Series 2.
They represent human traits that Gary believes are key to happiness and success. They are called Friends because business is nurtured through friendship, kindness, and empathy. Moreover, it has to be fun. The collection reflects this vision.
The second-generation VeeFriends comes with some exciting utilities, too. The first of these is a free box of collectible trading cards in partnership with Zerocool. Original holders of the NFTs get a box for every NFT minted for no additional cost. Each box will have 52 random collectible VeeFriends cards that can be used to play a card game called VeeFriends Compete and Collect. While an exciting box of trading cards awaits Series 2 primary buyers, it does not give access to VeeCon. If you’re going for the utility, this may come across as a disappointment. However, the popularity of Gary Vee and the VeeFriends ecosystem in the making is likely to give a boost to the NFTs in the coming days.
Moonbirds NFTsMoonbirds NFTs
Moonbirds is one of the most beloved NFT projects of this year. The collection of 10,000 profile pictures features diverse traits with varying rarity. As adorable as they are, Moonbirds are more than just a profile picture NFT collection. They have use cases, which will be unlocked as the project unfolds. In fact, the collection is built with utility and community at its core.
Each of them also unlocks private club membership and additional benefits. The longer you hold them, the bigger the perks. The project incentivizes long-term holding through a mechanism called ‘nesting’. Moonbirds NFTs are your key to a private PROOF Discord. Here, you will have exclusive access to Moonbird-related drops, Parliament meetups, IRL events, and access to upcoming PROOF projects. So, what are these upcoming PROOF projects? It includes the much-awaited PROOF metaverse that is code-named Highrise.
The unique PFP design of Moonbirds allows you to lock up and nest them in your wallet. Once the NFT completes the minimum period of nesting, it starts to accrue rewards. It will be upgraded to new tier levels and nests with time. Higher nests will bring you bigger drops and rewards. Moonbirds is launched by PROOF. Their next project, Highrise, promises to showcase the power of connection and community. Here, too, Moonbirds holders will have first access.
Silks Hero BannerSilks Hero Banner
Next on our list is Silks, the first NFT collection that brings thoroughbred horse racing to the metaverse. The derivative NFTs are designed to mirror real-world thoroughbreds by integrating massive data sets representing thoroughbred bloodlines, training progress, and racing results to the blockchain through a process called mining.
Sliks NFTs can be broadly divided into Silks Horses, Avatars, Land, and Stables. Together, they power one of the most exciting new NFT games. You need Silks Avatars to buy Silks Horses, the key players of the ecosystem. They give you access to the gripping play-to-earn metaverse. Silks Avatars were launched in April to grant reception. Each category of NFTs plays distinct roles in the Silks economy, offering diverse streams of income quite similar to its real-world counterpart. For example, you can build Horse Farms on Silks Land plots and charge a fee from Silks Horse owners for taking care of their NFTs. Silks Horse owners, on the other hand, are rewarded every time their real-world counterpart wins a race or breeds offspring.
Interestingly, the productivity of a Silks Horse doesn’t end when the underlying thoroughbred retires or dies. You can continue to earn rewards on them by participating in simulated races. Other interesting sources of revenue are speculating on Silks Land, renting it out to other users, mining, etc. As the project matures, more income opportunities will be introduced to the metaverse, making it one of the best new NFT projects of 2022.
Nouns NFT ProjectNouns NFT Project
We wrap up the list of top new NFTs to buy with Nouns. This may come as a surprise since Nouns is not exactly a ‘new’ project. But a new Noun NFT is launched every day, forever. As you can see, the collection never gets old!
Nouns is an experimental project that aims to improve the formation of on-chain avatar communities. It’s similar to algorithmically generated profile picture projects like Cryptopunks that bootstrap digital community and identity. The difference is that Nouns attempt to bootstrap community-driven governance and a treasury as well. Unlike most NFT collections, Nouns doesn’t have any rules of scarcity or rarity. All Noun NFTs are equally rare. They feature different backgrounds, bodies, accessories, heads, and glasses.
The creative project trustlessly auctions a Noun NFT every 24 hours. There are 347 Noun NFTs at the time of writing. The proceeds from the primary sales of Nouns are sent to the community-governed treasury. As a Noun NFT holder, you become a member of the Nouns DAO, which uses a fork of Compound Governance. Each Noun NFT gives you one vote in decision-making.
We introduced you to some of the most promising projects to buy in July 2022. Each collection is as unique as its NFTs. While projects like VeeFriends nurture business and engagement, Nouns taps into community strength. Projects like Moonbirds and Silks, on the other hand, introduce gaming mechanics that reward users in the long run.
However, Awesome Possums stands apart with an empowering mission. The collection is dedicated to supporting mental health awareness and addiction recovery initiatives across the globe. If you’re planning to make a social investment with NFTs, Awesome Possums is the one to go for. It envisions a world where positivity, integrity, generosity, kindness, inclusion, and gratitude rule.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.
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