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May 3
May is turning into another busy month in the NFT space with several big drops happening in the next few days. I already covered some of them in my previous guides, including L.O, Kahiru, NFT Worlds Avatars, Blvck Genesis, Yogies, and SixthRéseau, all launching in the next two weeks.
The projects below have attracted a lot of attention and seem to have the foundation for being great projects. This may in turn make them good investments as well. But, as always, I’m not here to give financial advice but simply highlight some promising NFT projects for you to consider.
Have you ever looked at something, like a new app or a game of some kind, and just thought to yourself: “I’m too old to even understand what this is…”? Well, Phantom Network, aka Project PXN, is like that for me. I mean, take a look at their website and tell me that’s not confusing…
That being said, the project is so hyped that I choose to believe I’m simply missing something. There must be something to this project. At least it’s built up a massive Twitter following of more than 400,000. Only a handful of NFT projects have achieved this before launch.
So, I’ll definitely be paying close attention to PXN over the coming days. Maybe they’ll open up their Discord and provide some more information post-launch. Or maybe I’m just not in the target group for this project, which is certainly possible as well. But I wanted to at least make you aware of it.
In order to understand and appreciate the Mindblowon project, you need to know Tahilalats and a bit of its backstory. So, in case you didn’t already know, Tahilalats was created as a simple comic strip in 2015 by an Indonesian artist known as LickPali. A lot has happened since then though.
Not only has Tahilalats published more than 3,000 comic strips and gained millions of followers across Instagram and Twitter, but it has also evolved way beyond a comic strip. The brand has done multiple commercial, product, movie, and music collaborations, as well as a line of merchandise and toys.
Now, Tahilalats is entering the web3 space under the wings of Mindblowon Studio. This will be done with a collection of 6,969 characters in the easily recognizable signature style of Tahilalats. In the words of the team itself, here’s what the project is all about:
“Mindblowon Universe is a place to share, laugh, talk, listen, laugh again, learn, earn, and have we mentioned laugh??”
I love that they don’t take themselves too seriously or make any grand promises. Mindblowon wants to leverage the Tahilalats brand and form a true web3 community around it.
I encourage you to go visit their website to learn more about the inspiring backstory and achievements of Tahilalats, the “mind-ifesto” for Mindblowon, and the large team behind the project.
The launch will begin with a fair Dutch auction on May 6. The fact that it’s “fair” means that you’ll get refunded the difference if you pay a higher price than the price it sells out at. The auction begins at 0.69 ETH and drops 0.05 every 30 minutes until it reaches 0.169 ETH or sells out.
A private sale will take place the following day with a mint price of 0.169 ETH or half of the final Dutch auction price. Whichever is the highest. 0.169 ETH is a higher mint price than most NFT avatar projects, but they do have the brand, the track record, and the audience to justify it.
The Armors is a collection of 3,333 3D mechas inspired by series from the 80s and 90s. The artwork appears to be really high quality in the sneak peeks we’ve seen so far. Both the theme and the style are very masculine and won’t appeal to everyone. Some people love it though!
The avatars will come in three levels: Common, Super, and God Armors. One of their really cool features is an option for collectors to “fuse” two armors into one. Two Commons can fuse into one Super, and two Supers can fuse into one God Armor. This will reduce the supply and increase the rarity of each avatar.
Furthermore, the team will launch a native token that can be earned through staking and spent to buy whitelist spots and other products in The Armors marketplace. Access to exclusive NFT alpha and branded merchandise is also coming in the near future. Metaverse integration and a new collection of MegaArmors will come later.
The project was founded by Aran Moreno and Sergio Jiménez from Spain, both with a background in various creative disciplines including 3D design, animation, and art directing in the gaming industry. An agency called Serrot Consultants is handling all the technical aspects.
The mecha theme has previously done well in the NFT space and seems to be attracting a large crowd once again. The Armors has more than 100,000 Twitter followers and 41,000 Discord members with great engagement in both channels. With only 3,333 NFTs, the collection should easily sell out.
We’re still missing some details about the launch, but it seems like the presale will take place on May 9 with a mint price of 0.1 ETH. Even with a slightly higher price in the public sale, it’s still within the normal range for a high-quality 3D collection with as low a supply as this.
If you want to find drops like these early, check out this guide I wrote👇
The artist behind BBRC is named Aaron Chang, a menswear illustrator and Design Director of New Balance, Korea. He’s been in the creative industry for more than a decade and is known for his Ivy style with crisp, clean lines. His latest collaboration with Percival was even featured on Hypebeast!
Now, his signature characters and style will get turned into a collection of 7,777 NFT full-body avatars called the Ivy Boys. I’m personally a big fan of the simple 2D artwork, its backstory, and how unique it is.
And that’s really all you’re buying at this point in time. There’s no roadmap or grand vision for the project. You’re getting a unique piece of art and a little slice of a significant brand. And then it’s up to you to imagine what this could potentially turn into in the future.
I have high hopes for the project though, considering the artist and the 10-person team behind it. Two of the most notable appear to be the ones known as Mr Gentle Ape, Haotoshi, and Freeman Zion on Twitter. They’ve all got experience from the NFT space and some large followings.
And speaking of large followings, BBRC just passed 200,000 on Twitter and 70,000 Discord members. Their growth has been really impressive and the engagement is great as well.
The mint will begin with an exclusive presale on May 9, 3 pm UTC, and a mint price of 0.1 ETH. The next phase is for the public raffle winners with a mint price of 0.12 ETH. If you’re lucky enough to win a spot, you’ll have 6 hours to mint your Ivy Boy from May 10, 3 am UTC.
If the collection still hasn’t sold out after the first two phases, the remaining supply will be sold at 0.12 ETH in an open public sale. Don’t count on it to get there though. If it does, it will likely be with just a few NFTs which will get bought up in no time.
Metroverse is a land trading strategy game where you can collect, trade, and stake your city blocks to earn the $MET token. They launched 10,000 Genesis city blocks in January and followed them up with 10,000 Blackout blocks in late March. And now it’s time for 50,000 Metroverse Mini Blocks.
Metroverse is inspired by SimCity with land-based game mechanics. Each city block is unique with residential, commercial, and industrial neighborhoods and buildings. Players are rewarded for their performance with $MET, the project’s native utility token. You can learn more about the game here.
Mini Blocks are made to make the game more open, accessible, and fun for a wider audience of players. They contain half the number of buildings as the full-size city blocks and can be placed in neighborhoods to earn between 20 and 40 $MET per day. All the details can be found here.
With two existing 10k collections and a massive community of 87,000 Discord members and 263,000 Twitter followers, the Mini Blocks launch deserves to be on your radar. At least if you like the idea behind the game and the design of the city blocks, which I know the team has put a lot of emphasis on as well.
That being said, I do believe the initial sale will only be open for existing city block owners and whitelisted buyers. You may have to buy on the secondary market and hopefully not pay too much above the 0.1 ETH mint price.
The discrepancy between the hype around a project and my understanding of it has never been larger than with Phantom Network. I have close to no idea what it is, and yet I’m certain the launch will be a big success. I obviously can’t speak to its long-term prospects, but it’s definitely worth checking out.
Mindblowon has a great backstory and is built on a proven brand and ideas. While it’s primarily targeted the Indonesian market, it feels like the type of project I would personally like to be a part of.
The Armors appeals to fans of the masculine mecha theme with cool 3D artwork, different levels, and some interesting fusing features. I’m excited to see where the two artist-founders take the project.
BBRC x IVY Boys is another project with an experienced and acknowledged artist behind it. I can see the artistic style and the unique characters stand out and do well in the NFT space.
Last but not least, Metroverse is expanding its SimCity-inspired blockchain game with an additional 50,000 Mini Blocks. This is done to meet the demand and allow more players into their ecosystem. If they’ve done the math right, this launch should add a lot of value to both owners and the game at large.
Originally published at on May 3, 2022.
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