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Bored with the daily conundrums? Already finding the old NFTs monotonous? Leading your way to a new project in the NFT world: Bored Bunny NFT. Well, the Bunny is bored too, just like you, for it waits for you to discover and own him. 
Today let me take you through Bored Bunny NFT. Although the name itself creates a lively spirit, we must understand more in-depth about this NFT, complete review, how to buy it, mint price, its benefits, utilities, statistics running alongside it, and definitely, their roadmap. 
Have you seen a monkey park? How unrealistically funny and calming it is to see all monkeys living together? In a similar way, Bored Bunny NFT unites together a collection of 4999 Bunnies in the form of 3D-designed NFTs, all of them living on the Ethereum Blockchain. 
All of these bunnies are non-identical, unique, and exclusive in their own way. With the project’s authenticity and incomparable utility, their objective is to welcome all of you to their community and build the largest and fastest-growing NFT project. Within their NFTs collection, they have 10 legendary Bored Bunnies, the advantage of the same being special, rare, and having an edge over other Bunnies. 4 out of 10 such rare Bored Bunny NFTs have been revealed. 
Bored Bunny NFT ReviewBored Bunny NFT Review
N°1 International Boxer Floyd Mayweather, The TOP 100 Youtuber David Dobrik, and many more have put their faith in Project Bored Bunny NFT. You may ask, why? 
According to the Bored Bunny NFT Twitter account, during their drop, the NFTs were sold out in 17 minutes. Having 29.8K followers on Twitter and 2,00,000 members on Discord, Bored Bunny has already taken over a bigger spot in the NFT world. Clearly and Evidently, they are on the right path towards taking over the Metaverse and the NFT space. 
Your investment value will most likely become 2x, 5x, or 10x within a few days if you are fortunate enough to have minted their rare NFTs. Community funds will be accessible to the holders of Bored Bunny NFT. These funds can be utilized to invest, reward and collaborate with several other projects in the space and also the project ideas of the members. Now, here comes the most fun part, a grand party will be organized for all the holders to celebrate their achievement, and you being a holder, get to choose the place. If you have 2 bunnies, you can breed them to form a 2nd Generation Bunny, it is basically like moving a level up. 
And finally, Metaverse? Where there is NFT, there is a Metaverse. Wear your 3D Bored Bunny and join a private land on the Metaverse, Bored Bunny City. This is accessible to only the Bored Bunny Community. 
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After you become a part of the Bored Bunny NFT community, you also become a major part of their every milestone. With every step that they take, the end result shall provide greater benefit and utility to you as an investor. 
Bored Bunny NFT Mint PriceBored Bunny NFT Mint Price
The Bored Bunny NFT Mint Price was 0.4 ETH when it was released to the public. You can no longer mint the NFTs but you can still buy them on secondary marketplaces such as Opensea. No one can predict that the price of this NFT is going to rise. As of January 6, the sales have gone up which will eventually increase the price too. Bored Bunny NFT price prediction can also be made on the mere fact that many celebrities are now a part of the community, which definitely increases its value. 
Do you believe in the future of Cryptocurrency and blockchain? If yes, it is now time to see how you gotta grab this opportunity and join a community full of investors and NFT enthusiasts. (c). 
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