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Meet Exclusible, a web 3.0 platform with a high level of curation and a digital brand that functions in the Metaverse, Exclusible has managed to attract a global community of high-profile luxury collectors. 

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Exclusible’s offers consist of three main elements: an NFT marketplace for luxury brands around the globe, high-end real estate development within the metaverse, and an exclusive membership via an exclusive club, the Alpha NFT Collection.

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“Luxury Brands have long mastered the art of creating desirability. NFTs offer the opportunity to push the boundaries of creativity.
The brands and designers who can create value and substance in a purely digital world, and develop meaningful connections with these communities, will have a strong head start in the nascent economy of the Metaverse.
At Exclusible we help brands crack that code,” said Olivier Moingeon in a statement, co-founder of Exclusible.
Exclusible opens up a whole new world for luxury brands, allowing them to broaden their horizons in the Metaverse by offering limitless possibilities to their global communities to express their identities in the Metaverse. 
As if you needed more reasons to get an Exclusible Penthouse, right?
We couldn’t resist and added an extra something…
When you get Penthouses in 5 different locations we will give you a very special surprise!
Make sure you are able to get it:
The Metaverse is about to see a boom in real estate, all thanks to Exclusible. Exclusible offers an eye-catching collection of luxury penthouse NFTs that are situated in the Metaverse.
Users will be able to experience living in luxury in the photorealistic metaverse, of which Exclusible Luxury Penthouse is the first of its kind to offer luxury real estate on the platform.
Metaverse is a platform that allows you to experience virtual NFT art exhibitions, meetings, and live events with other spatial io users.  
What’s more interesting is that each penthouse can host up to 50 people at any moment, whether you want to host for business or pleasure is completely up to you.
The upcoming Exclusible Penthouses, to be sold mid-June, are accompanied by unique features such as NFT gallery display features. 
The feature will enable owners to display their acquired NFTs as artwork, screening rooms for when you feel like watching your favorite sports, helipads, a virtual helicopter for you and your guests to arrive in style, and panoramic sky views.
Potential owners can choose from three color variations: Quartz, Ruby, Obsidian and these penthouses are spread across several locations.
These include Paris, Miami, Vegas, Dubai, and New Caledonia which will be randomly assigned to buyers.
Luxury living can be experienced in these 500 sqm equivalent penthouses. These penthouses appeal to a clientele that comprises high-ranking individuals and global luxury brands that are willing to expand their horizons. 
More information can be found here.
Firstly, visit the premint website. Make sure you have a minimum of 0.4 ETH in your wallet, this is applicable to Alpha NFT Holders. Note that a 33% discount applies, and Theia NFT Holders can acquire a penthouse for free.
The access to the Exclusible Penthouse NFT drop is broken down into three phases. These include: 
Registration on Premint closes on June 12, 2022, and mid-June on mint. 
Alpha and Theia holders are given priority access to these NFT drops.
More information on other Exclusible NFT drops can be found here.
It’s impossible not to fall in love with a magical penthouse and amazing views such as the city of lights. Enjoy the views and utilities of a VIP Exclusible penthouse!
Premint ends in 5days! Drop:18/06
(time-limited option to prepay and avoid gas wars)
Your guests, who are spread across the globe, have an opportunity to attend your virtual event at your state-of-the-art penthouse just by clicking the private link you will send via email. Learn more about Exclusible by visiting their website.

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A New Offer from Exclusible: The Exclusible Luxury Penthouses


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