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Home » News » Aavegotchi Adds An NFT Display Feature Amongst Others
Aavegotchi, the crypto collectible game, has announced three unique new features for its Gotchiverse ecosystem. This includes an NFT display for Aavegotchi asset holders, and much more. The latest update is vast and is part of the effective roadmap plans by the team behind the popular open-source NFT gaming project.
The new major release by the Aavegotchi team consists of three important features. These features have been designed for one major purpose – to promote creativity and social engagement within the metaverse game.
NFT displays are at the heart of the new release, and Aavegotchi owners can now display NFTs proudly. So far, the NFTs available to display are – 
Other users in the Gotchiverse can also see these displays and view your art. What’s more, there is even a BUY NOW button. Essentially, this means your NFT display also works as a way to sell your NFT art. Not only that, but there is also a tracking feature to track how your art is viewed and how many times.
Along with the NFT display, the other two updates are just as crucial to the wider Aavegotchi universe. These are Bounce Gates and Observooor Mode.
Firstly, Bounce Gates are free to craft. However, they must be maintained, which comes at a cost. Basically, the Bounce Gates work as a wormhole and allow you to pick your destination in the Gotchiverse and travel there instantly.  
The Observooor Mode allows players without Aavegotchis to enter the Gotchiverse. However, users without Aavegotchis won’t have full access, but can spawn at parcels via the Bounce Gates, view NFT displays, chat with other players, and even build. They do this through the new Observooor character.
The new Aavegotchi NFT display feature, the Bounce Gates, and Observooor Mode are incredibly creative. Furthermore, they offer new ways to play and explore this hugely popular NFT game.
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