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The Australian Football League (AFL)’s Ripper Skipper 2022, a limited edition NFT drop, sold out in under 12 hours.
AFL Mint Ripper Skipper AllOWLIST Drop – SOLD OUT

We are happy to announce the AFL Mint AllowList sold out in under 12 hours.

A huge thank you to our community who has participated, followed along and backed this project!

Stay tuned for the next drop!
The Ripper Skipper 2022 was launched on August 17 via the AFL Mint program, and people who had joined the “allowlist” were allowed to purchase one of the 3,800 packs reserved for the drop.
The NFTs featured 78 highlights and moments from the 2021 season. The NFTs utilize both audio and video. Each NFT pack features three ‘moments’ of different rarity tiers-common, deluxe, and ovation.
Each pack was sold at a price of 34.39 USDC, thus the drop is estimated to have raised a total of over $130,000 in USDC.
Anyone who participated in this first drop has a 10% of getting an AFL Mint Genesis Ball (limited edition digital content).
More NFTs will drop for the wider public on August 24.
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“Through our AFL Mint brand, we will launch exciting new moments across our Men’s and Women’s competitions, plus celebrate past greats and other product releases that will bring a unique fan experience we haven’t seen before,” said Kylie Rogers, Executive General Manager of Customer, and Commercial at AFL.
The AFL signed a five-year partnership with Be Media, a subsidiary of NFT gaming giant Animoca Brands back in April, and announced their NFT marketplace AFL Mint.
The marketplace is set to launch in 2023 and will allow trading and selling of ‘moments’ among fans and collectors.
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