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XANA’s first AI-powered NFT collection includes 10,000 original avatars with a Japanese anime aesthetic. The AI-enabled NFT collection will serve as a customized AI ally across the metaverse.
Other features that the NFT collection carries forward are full commercial rights and the power of the AI engine, among many other ecosystem privileges.
The NFT collection is said to be inspired by Blade Runner 2049 to meet the demand for an intelligent partner who has been personalized to interact, support, and entertain users. The AI engine allows the virtual avatar to grow into an entity that aligns with the likes of the holder and understands them completely.
Stakers will get access to the reserve portion. The stakeholder community for the $XETA token will pool the volume of these NFTs into a treasury and vote on whether to use the pool. NFT sale started with 9,500 pieces sold out when drafting the article. 500 are yet to be sold out.
XANA has been custom built for metaverse as an EVM-based blockchain infrastructure and decentralized applications platform. Nearly all the major institutions and brands have adopted XANA.
XANA is compatible with all the major wallets and has been bridged to all the major blockchains. Utilities of NFT genesis include License, Land Staking, and GameFi Autoplay.
Commercial rights remain with the owner of the NFT under the License utility of the NFT collection. This is to inspire and empower the unlimited user-generated content around the collection for anyone to come with their content and usages.
Land Staking makes it better for the holders to earn some income without even being inside the virtual space. The intelligent partner by XANA takes care of land staking on behalf of the holder to earn some extra profit from the land.
Holders can be outside the metaverse, and their virtual piece of land would still generate profits for them. Intelligent partners also look into the sector of GameFi wherein they unlock the autoplay of GameFis on the platform.
According to the NFT drop schedule, the VIP/Whitelist round went live on July 23, 2022, at 3:00 UTC, and the public round went live on July 24, 2022, at 5:00 UTC. The big reveal is scheduled for July 29, 2022, at 7:00 UTC.
The holders earn the right to display their NFT as a profile picture on social media sites and create and sell derivative works.
Commercial use permitted includes using the fan art by owners and non-owners with a restriction that the GENESIS logo and brand belong to XANA.
XANA shared the news on Twitter, where its followers welcomed the move, with some asking how they could get their hands on the NFT and others calling it new & revolutionary in the world of NFTs.
XANA is headed by Rio Noborderz, its Founder and Chief Executive Officer.
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