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Fashion company AMBUSH has collaborated with Avalanche blockchain and NFT company OP3N to produce a limited-edition necklace in the form of a wearable NFT.
Announcing “A3”, in collaboration with @OP3Nworld_ and @avalancheavax.

A3 consists of an exclusive AVAX RED edition of the iconic #AMBUSH®︎ Lighter Case Necklace and an #NFT that authenticates the necklace in the #Avalanche block chain.

For details:
AMBUSH’s latest project is a joint effort with Avalanche’s Culture Catalyst program (a $100 million USD fund).
The necklace is in the form of the AMBUSH’s popular lighter case pendant. The necklace is called “A3” and will come in a limited edition AVAX RED color.
Buyers of this NFT will also receive a physical version of the necklace. Each buyer will be granted exclusive access to a virtual event taking place in Milan on September 23.
The A3 NFT gives its buyers the chance to enter a raffle for an IRL experience in Milan, as well as access into the token-gated room in AMBUSH’s SILVER FCTRY Metaverse.
A total of 2023 NFTs will be available to mint on September 12, while the winners will be announced on September 15. Holders of both the AMBUSH POW! REBOOT and POW! GITD NFTs will be on the A3 allowlist and will be given access to purchase the NFT.
Jaeson Ma, the CEO of OP3N said, “AMBUSH’s first two NFT drops, which sold out in minutes, demonstrates the appetite and demand for exclusive access to brands in Web3 and we’re excited to collaborate with them on the A3 NFT drop.”
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