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Jun 17, 2022, 09:00 ET
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Selected works will be on exhibit in XR at the World’s Largest NFT event "NFT.NYC"
HONG KONG, June 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Animoca Brands KK ("Animoca Brands Japan"), UCOLLEX (Headquarters: Singapore) and MADworld (Headquarters: Hong Kong) have jointly announced the launch of a NFT series dedicated to Japanese Culture and consists of artists who are the embodiment of Japanese culture. As a precursor to the launch of the NFT series launch, an urban-linked XR NFT Art Exhibition was developed and will be held at NFT.NYC, the World’s largest NFT conference, from June 20-23. Each highlighted artist will contribute works which will decorate the landmark Times Square in New York City in Extended Reality ("XR") format.
NFT series specializing in Japanese culture
The new NFT series is a series of NFTs dedicated to Japanese culture, consisting of a variety of artists who are leaders of contemporary Japanese culture, in the spirit of Ukiyo-e, the Japanese art of "Ukiyoe wo Egashite". We will be launching a series of works by artists who are active in the forefront of Japanese culture from various perspectives, such as ukiyo-e style artists and sculpture x Japanese culture, as well as developing a community.
XR NFT Art Exhibition to Adorn Times Square at NFT.NYC, the World’s Largest NFT Event
As part of the promotion campaign, a city-linked XR NFT Art Exhibition will be held at NFT.NYC, one of the world’s largest NFT events, from June 20-23, where the landmark Times Square in New York City will be decorated with Japanese cultural art.
Selected biography of the artists who will be part of the XR Art Exhibition
Bujin Painter Masayuki Kojo
Born July 24, 1978 in Uji City, Kyoto
Based in Uji, Kyoto, Masayuki Kojo’s motto is "A warrior is not a fighter, but a warrior is one who has determination". Kojo is active as a "painter specializing in warrior paintings", using sumi ink to depict the "preparedness" of the warriors of the Warring States period.
Kojo has been performing live art himself, aiming to expand the recognition of "live art" and to realize "Live Art Koshien", a festival for high school artists with the goal of "changing the future of painters".
In recent years, Kojo has collaborated with "Star Wars" and "The Avengers" movies, manga, anime, and video games. The collaborative warrior painting was made possible through a conversation with singer Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi. The 3 way crossover between Yomiuri Giants x Under Armour x Masayuki Kojo has attracted a lot of attention, and his collaborative warrior paintings with various genres such as sports, artists, and sports brands have become a hot topic.
Masayuki Kojo
Kenichi Asano
Born January 20, 1981 in Aichi
Analog & Digital Sculptor
Kenichi Asano uses a hybrid of classic and digital sculpting techniques. Previously, Asano used "possession" as a theme, where he fuses pop culture elements and sublimates them into contemporary art.
In recent years, while working on shrine statues, Asano has also released a real-world avatar robot called "Possessed". In 2021, Asano collaborated with Naohito Funabashi on the virtual space "phantom". It represents the next evolution of sculpture.
She started creating illustrations in 2018 with a desire to pass on traditional Japanese culture to the younger generation. Her unique style is characterized by incorporating Japanese tradition and street art. In 2019, she launched ^on_ENCOUNT a street-style haori brand which weaves traditional craftsmanship with modern, easy to wear aesthetics.
2015 The 16th International Bunka College National Open Call Nichibei Exhibition
Painting Division, Honorable Mention
These artists’ works can be experienced in XR through the use of the smartphone app "STYLY" at Times Square during NFT.NYC. For those who can’t make it to Times Square, there will also be VR content available online.
Each piece of XR art exhibited at NFT.NYC will be made into a diorama and sold as a NFT, which can be purchased from the NFT Market from within the STYLY app.
Each NFT campaign will also collaborate with Animoca Brands Japan’s partner companies, UCOLLEX International Limited (Headquarters: Singapore) and MADworld Hong Kong Limited (Headquarters: Hong Kong). We will jointly develop XR NFT artworks originating from Japan on a global scale, and promote new artwork creation and urban development using cityscapes as a canvas together with the artist/creator community.
We also plan to offer AR filter content using the work of Noh mask artist Kenichi Asano.
It provides the experience of Noh masks being mapped onto your own and other people’s faces.
After NFT.NYC, we plan to use the works from participating artists and produce a NFT series which embody Japan’s world-class culture. Roadmap and other details are being drafted so please check our Discord for the latest information on this campaign.
In the future, Psychic VR Lab, Animoca Brands Japan, UCOLLEX, and MADworld will collaborate and use XR layering techniques in cityscapes around the world. These canvases will allow a burgeoning, 50,000 XR artist/ creator community ("NEWVIEW") to create and monetize their work through NFTs.
UCOLLEX is the next-generation creators’ platform that wants to make digital collectibles available to everyone, backed by Animoca Brands: a leader in digital entertainment specializing in blockchain and AI technologies. We aim to help creators build their fanbase economy with the best of class technology and community, shaping a world where fans can engage with the creator’s metaverse. UCOLLEX provides a world where collectors can feel at home and live their passion for collecting through exclusive content, interviews with artists, the best 3D art, and innovative VR experiences.
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About MADworld
MADworld offers an NFT Origination Platform and an NFT Marketplace that use blockchain technology to defend the artists, artwork, creators, and content that enter the untraversed multiverse. MADworld supports NFT minting to validate ownership and provenance of physical art, collectibles, and products and original content developed from live concerts, sporting events, artist battles, and other modes of creative expression. MADworld is designed to give creators complete control over their NFT strategy, supporting them by maximizing the income and impact from their intellectual property in perpetuity.
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About Animoca Brands KK
Animoca Brands KK is the Japanese strategic subsidiary of Animoca Brands focused on enabling famous IP holders in Japan to participate in the Web3 ecosystem while leveraging the network, reach, and expertise of Animoca Brands in contributing to the establishment of the open metaverse.
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