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The Bored Ape Gazette reported that an anonymous OKX exchange user with the wallet address 0xAE0cc transferred 125 ETH from the exchange and “aped in” to 73 Otherdeeds for 125.1176 ETH, or nearly $200,000.
Otherdeeds are dynamic NFTs created as a collection of significant highlights in the BAYC’s Otherside project. Otherdeed NFTs are available in a total supply of 200,000, with 45,000 parcels of land reserved for MAYC holders, BAYC NFT owners and developers.
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“Just another casual $200k drop on Otherside land. Every day we’re seeing massive @OthersideMeta land grabs. Something must be brewing in the swamp…,” BAYC member CarsonTurner.Eth tweeted.
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