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The popular Web3 beverage company Ape Beverages, which incorporates IP from the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT Collection, launches the limited edition ‘Ape Water’ at the Artcade metaverse boutique at Fred Segal located on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. 
If you weren't able to make it to the @ApeBeverages launch last week, here's a look inside the event! 🤯 #WaterGoodForApe #Apecade @Fred_Segal
The Ape Water launch happened as part of the month-long pop-up event “Apecade” which features exclusive collectibles, innovative content, and BAYC merchandise for the Bored Ape community.
The limited edition 16 oz. Ape Water cans are supplied from California’s Mt. Shata, one of the purest natural springs on the planet.
Ape Water Drop 0001 will take place IRL on Thursday 9.22.22 @artcade_gg @Fred_Segal

One lucky shopper will walk away with the 1 of 1 Golden Can + other prizes

VIP – Token Gated Front of line access for select NFT communities

Link in bio to save your spot in line!
Plastic is Canceled! Itai Leffler, the co-founder of Ape Beverages, yelled to the crowd assembled to get their hands on the limited edition water. 
Soon, everyone will be able to buy these water cans online. Ape Beverages is thus using social media to publicize drops at retailers.
A lucky attendee received a 1 of 1 “Gold Can” laden with goodies like tickets to upcoming private events and merchandise hosted by Ape Water.
Aside from the water launch, an illustrated roadmap was released by Ape Beverages hinting at the establishment of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and a future beverage research center.
In an interview the Ape Beverages team said that BAYC founder Yuga Labs have been very supportive of the brand.
When asked what is the goal behind this Ape Water launch, the team responded “We want to remove plastics as the default solution for single-use water and to secure water rights for future generations through our Water DAO.”
The Ape Beverages team stated, “The brand appeals to all ages, from discerning customers who want to drink the best water in the world to Web3 enthusiasts and collectors who want to unlock and access unique experiences and rewards through our gamified tools.”
The commercial IP rights offered by BAYC were one of the strongest points that made the collection stand out among its competitors since its inception. Recently, A Bored Ape NFT owner launched a real-world yacht club and is also planning to create a DAO that allows members to rent real vessels all over the world, with the proceeds going to charity.
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