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Almost everyone in the crypto world is familiar with Arbitrum, the layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain which is designed to enhance the capabilities of Ethereum’s smart contracts. Arbitrum is launching a grandiose event – the biggest NFT drop ever – which will last for 2 months, engaging users in utilizing multiple on-chain Arbitrum platforms by completing different tasks. 
Earning free NFTs has always been a neat situation in the crypto world. One of the bridges participating in this initiative is Rubic – the One-Click Cross-Chain swap service – offering very enticing conditions for users. 
What is the Arbitrum Odyssey NFT drop? How does one participate in Arbitrum Odyssey with Rubic? All the answers are right in this article, just for you.
Arbitrum is a layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution that aims at boosting Ethereum’s transactional throughput and minimizing transaction fees at the same time. With over 260 dApps deployed and over USD 2 billion in TVL, Arbitrum takes one of the leading positions among L2 platforms on Ethereum.
Arbitrum Odyssey is a large-scale NFT drop event that will start on June 21st, 2022 1:00 PM EST and last for 8 weeks. During this period, users will be able to utilize different on-chain Arbitrum projects taking part in this event. At the end of this journey, users will be rewarded with unique NFTs that can be used for further airdrop distributions! 
Each of the 8 weeks is dedicated to certain projects taking part in this initiative; bridges, exchanges, and on-ramps. Users will complete different tasks on-chain to get rewards. For instance, they will have to make a swap on a certain platform, provide liquidity on another, and so on.
Rubic’s One-Click Cross-Chain is taking part in the first week of the Arbitrum competition starting on June 21, 2022 1:00 PM EST and finishing on June 27, 2022 12:59 PM EST. This week is dedicated to bridges, and the bridge that has transferred the biggest amount of Ethereum to Arbitrum will be heralded as “the most popular bridge”. Users who interacted with this bridge will be awarded some of the most exclusive & unique NFTs, designed by Ratwell and Sugoi. 
For those who aren’t in the loop just yet, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to participate in Arbitrum Odyssey with Rubic.
Participating in Arbitrum Odyssey can’t but force you to spend money on transaction fees. However, on Rubic, you will spend zero amount of money on fees for any swaps. Starting from June 21st up to June 27th, there’s no commission on Rubic at all! You can swap any asset to and from any blockchain with no platform expenditures. Thus, it’s highly profitable to participate in Arbitrum Odyssey with Rubic.
As one of the biggest Cross-Chain DEX Aggregators, Rubic has every chance to score the highest volume of Ethereum transferred to Arbitrum and win! In fact, you can become a winner as well and be rewarded with unique NFTs designed by Ratwell and Sugoi. 
If you ever thought of taking part in NFT drops, this is a definite go-to. Later, users will be able to claim Arbi-verse NFTs for the completion of tasks, representing their involvement in this initiative. Claims will take place on Project Galaxy’s website here. The mints will be completely free, but you will need ETH on Arbitrum to pay the transaction fee to claim the free NFT.
Participate in Arbitrum Odessey from June 21st to June 27th with Rubic and win free, exclusive NFTs: 
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