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The collection will feature 2,000 NFTs and prices will start from 0.49 ETH ($1,000)
Dubai: Arts DAO has partnered with the region’s first NFT artist Kristel Bechara to create its debut NFT drop – ‘The Ethernal Gates’.
Launching on June 5, the community’s NFT collection will feature 2,000 NFTs and prices will start from 0.49 ETH ($1,000).
The collection, created by Bechara, is a set of generative art pieces, meaning that the art is composed of several artistic traits which are randomly assembled, making every piece of art totally different and unique.
Bechara, a Dubai-based award-winning artist, is famous for her signature blend of vibrant colours and images which become an embodiment of the perfect bridge between fine and digital art.
Purchasing an Ethernal Gate NFT will also serve as a membership to Arts DAO, the Middle East’s largest NFT community which is led by a committee of NFT experts who curate and invest in a diversified portfolio of NFTs such as ‘Bored Ape Yacht Club’ and ‘RTFKT’ ‘Studios’ Clone X collection.
Anas Bhurtun, Co-Founder and CEO, Arts DAO said: “The UAE is home to one of the strongest and biggest NFT communities in the world thanks to Dubai positioning itself as a crypto hub and attracting a lot of young, like-minded people who are passionate about Web3. Our aim at Arts DAO is to become the largest NFT collector DAO in the Middle East and launching the Ethernal Gates NFTs will give investors an opportunity to expand their portfolio, as well as giving Arts DAO the opportunity to collect and fund NFT projects in the Middle East.”
He added: “One of the biggest hurdles in the NFT space, is being able to keep track of all the projects that are dropped each day, from launch dates to the teams behind them, as finding all the information on their discord and website is a rather challenging process. Arts DAO members will be part of a collective treasury which will deploy Ethereum on behalf of members into a portfolio of blue chip and emerging NFT collections, as well as backing passionate founders building in the NFT space across art, gaming, collectibles and the metaverse space.”

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