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The scope for Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds could have been massive, given the initial positive reception of the game. Even though the game was only available in specific regions, Netmarble earned a hefty revenue. Unfortunately, to the disappointment of fans, the officials’ ambitions seem to be misplaced and have wrongly affected the growth of the recent release.
Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds was recently expanded. And all the positivity of the initial release is now gone as the implementation of cryptocurrency and NFTs seem to have made the game a den for bots. This has made the situation for real-life players terrible. To make matters worse, Netmarble has even asked players to spend real-life money to bypass the problem.
Netmarble‘s plans to introduce NFTs in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds were well documented. Many fans feared that the inclusion of NFTs in the game would have grave consequences, and that hasn’t been far from the truth. The introduction of NFTs indeed has made things worse and also incentivized the heavy use of bots.
These bots work with one purpose, to mint NFTs without paying any attention to the game. This is a shame, as many feel that the gameplay is solid. It has some of the same formulas that have worked so well with games like Genshin Impact. Unfortunately, Netmarble’s priorities lie elsewhere.
The major problem with the game right now involves real-life players who can’t log in. This is due to an excessively long queue, as the game is infested with bots. These bots have ensured that players are unable to log in and play the game. And if someone thought that things couldn’t get any worse, they would be wrong. Instead of trying to solve the bot problem, Netmarble has decided to make a profit off it.
It only requires a player to spend $7.99 and get the Adventurer’s Daily Pass to bypass the queue. In some ways, it even seems like Netmarble deliberately wanted to create this problematic situation.
This issue has occurred in previous games like Mir4, and yet, Netmarble seems vehemently in favor of introducing NFTs in video games. They have now ruined not one but two titles, trying to push the cryptocurrency model despite fans’ unwillingness to have anything to do with it.
Additionally, the way Netmarble has tried to combat the problem makes it ten times worse. Lost Ark, in comparison, had similar issues but decided to increase the number of servers to accommodate the player base. However, the priorities of Netmarble seem misguided.
Ultimately, if things keep going this way, it will be a sad outcome for Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds, as there’s no denying the game’s potential. The game will likely fail due to poor management decisions.


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