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Zug-based company poised to save companies billions in counterfeiting and product fakes with powerful IoT sensor-based blockchain technology using the tap of a smartphone
@ Swisstech Pavilion, Tech West Venetian Expo, Eureka Park, Booth Demos #61433
ZUG, Switzerland, Dec. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Authena AG, the premier provider of NFT ownership certificates and “phygital” authentication at the single SKU level announces M3TA™ at CES 2023 in the Swisstech Pavilion. QR codes, holograms, and barcodes can be easily copied – product fakes and counterfeiting cost industries hundreds of billions in lost revenue and put human lives at risk by fostering exploitive forced labor that diminishes global ESG goals.
“In the past all objects were physical, but the explosion of cryptocurrency, avatars, and digital art has brought with it an explosion of digital objects,” says Matteo Panzavolta, founder and CEO of Authena AG. “In the future all objects will have a physical soul and a digital identity, creating the new “phygital” universe. But these phygital objects are vulnerable to attacks, leaving consumers exposed to counterfeit physical products and unknowingly purchasing fake NFTs, rendering them useless. Authena solves this for the consumer with the tap of a smartphone.”
Using powerful sensor-based, IoT blockchain technology, Authena Shield™, Authena L1VE™, and the newly-announced Authena M3TA™ puts the power of product authentication at the single SKU level in the consumer’s hands with the tap of a smartphone.
Authena allows companies to track every touchpoint in the supply chain, including environmental conditions, geo-tracking, border crossings, rough handling and offers NFT authentication with metaverse portability in multiple vertical industries.
“We started by protecting the authenticity of physical goods in the pharma, food, and luxury markets,” Panzavolta continues. “M3TA™ is the next evolution of Authena’s commitment to provide the authenticity connection for manufacturers and producers to secure the bridge between their physical products and digital twins.”
Using M3TA™, Authena recently worked with Adidas and FIBA’s Serbian Red Stars team to exploit the full potential of Web3 by providing fans with NFTs for access to exclusive events, video content, and photos. At the upcoming EuroLeague game against Real Madrid on January 10, 2023, NFT owners will be invited to assist at the match, and at the end, players will personally hand them over their authentic signed jersey, a trend that will be de rigueur in the future of sports.
Product Details
Authena L1VE™ boasts the smallest rechargeable tracker at the single SKU level and monitors in real-time in 185 countries. Brands track their products using an AI-enabled dashboard with embedded alerts and analytics. Sophisticated sensors deployed via blockchain detect:
Temperature changes and multi-environmental conditions
Real-time location monitoring and “world first” capability for brands to steer supply chains across country borders, even with poor connectivity
Self-detection of diversion attempts, percussion detection, or “rough handling”
Authena M3TA™ provides authenticity and ownership certificates via NFTs associated with their physical twin. In a world of counterfeiting with the explosion of NFTs, companies can guarantee secure phygital, and product safety with authenticity and ownership certificates and experiential benefits including portability to metaverse worlds.
Authena Shield™, is an end-to-end authenticity platform integrated with physical digital-seals that provide security and authenticity for physical products, making counterfeiting difficult and unprofitable at scale. Using multiple layers of encryption, Authena Shield™ enables direct alerts from the manufacturer to the consumer related to product tampering or damage at every point in the supply chain – from initial sealing to the receipt and opening of the product by the consumer.
Authena technology has been working in more than 185 countries with more than 20 customers, many of them global corporations that are moving from pilot to production integration.
Customer Case Studies:
Pharmaworking with one of the largest pharma companies in the world currently under NDA.
Sports memorabilia – Phygital collectible pre-sold through NFT for the Serbian basketball team and in collaboration with Adidas.
Wine and spirits – Bored Gorilla wine linked to NFT collection unlocking phygital benefits for the owners; limited release of Karl Locher’s 60th – Founder’s Anniversary Reserve” Swiss whiskey NFT secured physically and in the metaverse, each bottle value increased to over $5000 USD.
Fragrance and cosmetics, luxury goods, industrial applications.
For more information visit or schedule a meeting at CES.
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