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Autograph is leaning into its co-founder’s star power to move sports NFTs beyond the speculator’s market.
The company announced Tuesday that it will release NFTs of Tom Brady that also provide access to a fan club and at least one event with the NFL legend.
While the NFT market has been most associated with specialized brands such as NBA Top Shot and Cryptopunks, mainstream brands have taken in huge sums from digital assets.
Nike tops the field, according to data from Dune, first spotted by NFT Gators, with $185.3 million in total revenue, followed by Dolce & Gabbana at $25.7 million in revenue. Adidas is fifth at $11 million. The two apparel brands dominate the secondary market, with Nike seeing $1.29 billion in activity and Adidas $175.7 million.
NBA Top Shot eclipsed $1 billion in total sales in May. The platform has cooled off from its torrid pace at the start of 2021, when it had $472.8 million in sales volume in the first quarter, compared to $136.1 million in Q1 2022.


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