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The second mint of Bianca Van Damme's nine personalities stands in solidarity with the current cryptomarket selling for just $1
NEW YORK, July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — BB Creatif launches the next mint in the VICE series on July 6th. VICE II continues to explore the nine personalities of co-founder, artist and actress Bianca Van Damme, through a series of moving images that bring attention to the unspoken mental health challenges many people face in their daily lives. 9.99% of the proceeds will be donated to the Child Mind Institute.
The second mint in BB Creatif's bridge of physical art with digital pieces picks up the exploration of mental health and the various emotions that come in daily life. Along with co-founder, photographer and cinematographer Scott Bushaw, the daughter of action star Jean-Claude Van Damme reveals more of her own mental health journey and how it can be affected by outside elements.
Understanding that we do not exist in our own personal bubbles, away from the influence of our circumstances, the VICE series sets out to mimic this push and pull of ever-changing emotions and situations, with VICE II going the extra mile to have art reflect real life. In solidarity with the current cryptomarket, VICE II will be sold at just $1 each.
"The market isn't stable. It changes on a whim, going from record highs to staggering lows. All in the blink of an eye. That's something I can relate to," said Van Damme. "I'm not deterred by that. BB is here to stay, and with the prices being low for all of us, our community is filled with people who align with the long-term view of NFTs and the true meaning behind every mint."
The use of NFTs and the cryptocurrency market creates a unique space for this art medium and message to thrive. Both series of mints, WALLs and VICE, were designed during a bipolar low and a manic high. By inviting others to see into the nuanced complexities of Bianca's experiences, the veil of secrecy is slowly pulled back over time, allowing consumers to understand not only each character better but also themselves.
NFTs allow BB creatif to release projects that make the journey part of the art. The three levels in the VICE series feature nine images from still to moving. For more information, visit, the OpenSea listing here and follow them on Twitter @bbcreatif.
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Jessica Parise, BB Creatif, 8582480082,
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