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CrossTower, the crypto currency exchange and non-fungible token marketplace with an office in Bermuda, is to host NFT drops by BowieWorld, the metaverse created in 1999 by legendary singer and former Bermuda resident David Bowie and Worlds Inc.
Massachusetts-based Worlds, a pioneer that developed the first 3D metaverses, metaverse e-commerce platforms, and technologies crucial to interactive online multi-player gaming technologies, said the drop would be its debut in the NFT arena.
The company said that BowieWorld was the first online interactive virtual world — now known as a metaverse — for a global celebrity that also featured the first metaverse e-commerce platform, where the late Bowie offered custom avatars, music, art, clothing and other artefacts for sale.
Worlds and CrossTower will announce dates and details of rare and exclusive BowieWorld NFT drops leading up to the David Bowie World Fan Convention taking place in Liverpool from June 17 to 19.
Worlds Inc CEO Thom Kidrin and Ron Roy, co-founder of the pioneering internet fan club experience UltraStar with Bowie, will present “The BowieWorld Odyssey” at the Bowie convention.
There, they will discuss their collaboration with Bowie and his son, film-maker Duncan Jones, to execute visionary concepts and create the technologies that significantly raised the bar for fan engagement and experiences around the world and serve as the basis for the BowieWorld NFT collection.
NFTs represent ownership of digital assets, including digital art, music and gaming collectibles through blockchain technology.
Mr Kidrin said: “David Bowie was one of the first celebrities to recognise the potential of the nascent internet and push the envelope on every aspect of it that was available to him in the late Nineties.
“Working with David was an amazing experience that allowed us to flex our creative muscle and help shape the future of the entertainment industry.
“Therefore, it is most appropriate that our first NFT offering feature BowieWorld, which was a pioneer in metaverse and e-commerce — two very critical elements that laid the foundation for today’s NFT industry.”
As an example of how far metaverses have progressed since 1999, the company said, look at BowieWorld, which has been maintained in its original vintage format, accessible via PC (not Mac) at
Founded in 2019, CrossTower also has offices in the United States and India.
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