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Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new meme coin that has chosen to impact the NFT trade sector and is looking to launch its NFT club in the top ranks with The Sandbox (SAND) and Chiliz (CHZ). Here’s a summary of how them tokens stand in today’s market.
Shunned by both the BJP and the Congress, the Muslims of Gujarat feel a division of their votes would ultimately help the BJP to retain the power again in the state
With the setback to parties like the BTP and growing religious and socio-economic stratification within the Adivasi community, the prospects of the proverbial Adivasi third front, however, remain distant
The loopholes in the guidelines of the Election Commission of India leaves a lot of scope for candidates to get away with poll expenses way beyond the sanctioned limits
The AAP would not be able to do much in Gujarat, where the BJP is culturally well entrenched and Modi has lost none of his personal charisma
By setting the poll agenda with job and cash guarantees to the unemployed youth and erudite caste math, the AAP may steal a march over the BJP in some key constituencies.
Updated: 07 Dec 2022 7:05 pm
The NFT trade has become a crucial aspect of cryptocurrency since its popularity rose in 2021. Consequently, many coins have added NFT marketplaces and stores to their protocol, while new coins launch such features alongside the protocol.
Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new meme coin that has chosen to impact the NFT trade sector and is looking to launch its NFT club in the top ranks with The Sandbox (SAND) and Chiliz (CHZ). Here's a summary of how them tokens stand in today's market.
The Sandbox – Testing The Limits Of Your Imagination
The Sandbox (SAND) is a top coin in the NFT markets and a reputable gaming industry outside the DeFi world. It has a reputation for producing quality mobile games, including the top-grossing franchise The Sandbox 1 and Evolution.
The Sandbox features multiple Play-to-Earn games for users to enter and earn rewards based on their completed quests. The games have various modes and operate with high-quality graphics, engaging users for extended periods. The company intends to bring this experience into the blockchain by introducing blockchain gaming for every crypto user, gaming enthusiast or not.
Since it is a primarily used GameFi platform, the Sandbox (SAND) extensively uses NFTs because users need them as avatars and acquire them in-game. The NFTs produced by the developers are insufficient for the users, so there is an NFT marketplace for creating and minting NFTs for use in the games or sale to other users.
There are programs to help users create quality NFTs and mint them, namely Voxel Editor, Gamemaker, and Marketplace. The creators can use the smart contracts on the platform to secure their NFTs so buyers can pay as soon as possible.
Chiliz – The Leading Sport Crypto Platform
Chiliz is the official token used to power the platform. aims to create a bridge between football fans and their favorite clubs, transforming them from inactive spectators to active participants. achieves this by partnering with major football clubs and corporations to provide their fans with fan tokens with which they vote on specific decisions. The decisions fans can vote on depend on the club in question and could range from jersey or stadium designs to transfer options.
The platform then organizes these decisions on its site and enables fans to get the fan tokens to vote for their favored position. Voting occurs through the platform's smart contracts, and the results are immediately sent to the club authorities. Fans can't vote twice, as each person can only have a fan token. The token is nontradable, but it can be exchanged.
Already, is in partnership with top clubs like Juventus and Barcelona, and the La Liga BBVA has partnered with the platform to increase crypto fans' participation in the football world.
Big Eyes Coin – Increasing Sustainability In The Crypto Market
Although Big Eyes Coin lists as a meme coin, it aims to provide more value than the average meme coin. While a massive community is supporting it, the token chooses to use its NFT club to maintain its sustainability within the cryptocurrency market.
The NFT club, Sushi Crew, will feature similar functions to every other NFT marketplace. The users can create personalized tokens from digital content and sell or exchange them. The developers have also produced some tokens to be distributed among users at discounted prices.
he no-brainer move in Sushi Crew is that the platform is free of network charges. This means users can initiate as many NFT transactions as they want without worrying about the gas fees involved.
Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is also planning to be actively involved in saving ocean fish species. The developers have some tokens stored up for donations to charity organizations involved in marine life conservation worldwide.
Join the presale event today to get your BIG tokens before they launch. If you use the ‘BCUTE299’ code at the checkout, you will be eligible for 5% bonus tokens with your order.
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