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In the past few decades, telescopes have discovered thousands of objects beyond Neptune, and their orbits have made some scientists think that a massive ninth planet exists. A new telescope in Chile may be powerful enough to finally find it.
Bankers Look Past Musk’s Twitter Fickleness for Future Deals
China’s Consumer Inflation Hits Two-Year High on Pork Rally
Musk Effort to Void Twitter Buyout Sets Up Delaware Court Fight
Rogers Apologizes as Network Collapse Paralyzes Canadian Business, Consumers
The Fight Between Musk and Twitter Will Come Down to Three Words
Sri Lanka Protesters to Hold Mass Rally Seeking Rajapaksa’s Exit
Biden Calls Kishida Over Killing of Former Japan Premier Abe
Top Places to Move if You’re Single and Why It’s Not NYC
‘Ape Now, Pay Later’ Loans Bring BNPL to the NFT Market
Black Parade Culture Museum Reopening in New Orleans
Report: Cuomo Wrongly Used State Resources to Promote Book
Beleaguered US Airline Passengers Deserve a Bill of Rights
Shinzo Abe Forged a New Asia
How ‘Minions’ Became a Gen Z TikTok Storm
The Fuel Thefts That AMLO Tried to End Are Getting Worse Again
The US Industrial Complex Is Starting to Buckle From High Power Costs
Putin’s War Threatens Europe’s Ambitious Climate Goals
Why Men as Young as 23 Are Choosing Vasectomies in Post-Roe America
Las Vegas Raiders Hire the First Black Female President in NFL History
Musk Says He’ll Boost Child-Care Benefits at His Companies Significantly
Amazon Deforestation Hits Record High in New Blow to Bolsonaro
Floods Leave 13 People Dead At Hindu Pilgrimage in Kashmir
Baby Formula Shortages Still Bad in Alaska, Utah and Colorado
Salt Lake City Confronts a Future Without a Lake
San Francisco Mayor Names Boudin Critic Brooke Jenkins as New DA
Voyager Judge Gets a Lesson in Crypto as Bankruptcy Case Kicks Off
Voyager, Celsius Implosions Spur Expanded Texas, Alabama Investigations
‘Ape Now, Pay Later’ Loans Bring BNPL to the NFT Market
DeFi lender Teller is offering buyers the option to pay for popular NFT collections in installments.

Buy now, pay later is coming for NFTs.
Decentralized finance lender Teller announced Thursday the launch of a new BNPL feature for some the most popular nonfungible tokens, including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, Meebits, Cool Cats and others. The service is participant-driven, meaning users will directly lend to and borrow from each other.


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