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Novel on-chain gaming ecosystem Cardalonia (LONIA) invites all GameFi enthusiasts to purchase LONIA token, a crucial element of its tokenomic ecosystem.
According to the official announcement shared by the Cardalonia (LONIA) team, its token is now available for all participants in the “early birds” campaign.
Cardalonia Pre-Sale is Live (How To Participate) #Cardalonia #ADA #NFT #Metaverse #Playtoearn #NFTs #CNFT
LONIA is a core native utility and governance asset of the Cardalonia ecosystem. It is also a backbone element of its economic and rewarding design. Since the very first days of LONIA circulation, owners can seamlessly stake LONIA to get periodic payouts.
LONIA stakers can enjoy up to 20% in APY. As of July 2022, 175 wallets have already locked their LONIA in staking mechanisms; the net amount of tokens staked is over four million LONIA.
The LONIA token sale started on July 5; it will be up and running for 45 days or until a hard-cap is reached – whatever comes first. LONIA tokens are available at a fixed price; for 1 ADA, an investor can claim 12 LONIA.
Very soon, LONIA holders will be able to take part in crucial referendums on Cardalonia’s upgrades and limited ambassador programs.
Besides that, LONIA holders will be able to affect token burn politics and take part in staking leaderboards.
Last but not least, LONIA tokenholders will be the first candidates for whitelisting to the upcoming Land NFT sale. During this sale, Cardalonia enthusiasts will be able to purchase land plots in the Metaverse. Also, Cardalonia introduces its proprietary DeFi mechanism – noncustodial Proof-of-Stake (PoS) vault protocol – for retail and entrepreneurial use cases.

Cardano-based Metaverse Cardalonia Unveils Staking Module and Set To Release Playable Avatars

As covered by U.Today previously, Cardalonia is the first Metaverse project on Cardano (ADA), the largest Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain. It introduces the concept of playable avatars, i.e., NFTs fully integrated into the game’s design.
By Q3, 2022, Cardalonia successfully finished its presale and inaugural NFT airdrop campaign. Gameplay mainnet and a full-stack tokenomic design will be unveiled by the end of 2022, as per Cardalonia’s updated roadmap.

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