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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2022 / Chibi Dinos NFT, a global brand in the Web3 industry, announced that they appointed former Chief Marketing Officer Charlie Cavalier as President of the company. Chibi Dinos was founded by Sean Kelly in summer 2021, and made a bang in the Web3 space when the 10,000 piece NFT collection sold out in a record breaking eight minutes.
Kelly stated, “It’s been a pleasure working with Charlie over the last few months. I couldn’t be more pleased to find the right person to help take Chibi Dinos from a bootstrap project into a full-fledged company.” Cavalier has an extensive track record in making history in the Metaverse as a global leader and strategic brand builder for multiple projects within the industry. As founder of New Financial Technology, he introduced various industries to decentralized mechanisms for nearly a decade. Charlie introduced brands and private collectors to blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens in efforts to decentralize global ownership of assets. One of his proudest accomplishments in 2021 was assisting in organizing events for the leading annual Non-Fungible Token Conference NFT.NYC, which allowed Cavalier to make a prominent name for himself in Web3. Prior to entering the blockchain arena Charlie Cavalier was head of marketing and the managing partner for Prodigy Disc where he focused his tenure on community and brand building.
As the former CMO of Chibi Dinos’ NFT, Cavalier helmed the brands expansion into bridging the gap between sports and blockchain technology through in-real-life (IRL) activations and NBA partnerships. Most importantly, he brings the brand his innate understanding of the Web3 consumer and the ability to efficiently implement strategy in alignment with the latest blockchain technologies. Cavalier will continue to lead the Chibi Dinos ecosystem to success with a focus on product diversification, consumer adoption, and franchise evolution across a tightly-managed omnichannel marketplace.
To learn more about Chibi Dinos LLC., and to stay up to date on future announcements you can visit the official Chibi Dinos website or follow them on twitter and instagram.
About Chibi Dinos
Chibi Dinos LLC is an NFT Company with a play-to-earn ecosystem providing the most innovative and entertaining utility for gamers and sports fans with playable NFT characters. Chibi Dinos are redefining the definition of play-to-earn, boasting a robust online game for holders to earn prizes and real-world experiences through live-stream basketball games. Use your Chibi Dinos NFTs to play on one of the ten basketball teams in the Chibi Dinos universe where players earn tokens, potions, rankings, gear, and more. Compete in tournaments, PVP games, or explore the Chibi Dinos adventure universe for rare items, unlock-able content, asset advancement, and staking opportunities.
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