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The market for NFTs has slumped in recent months as the crypto markets fell. There is likely to be further bull markets coming and investors can conduct research to make the right investments. The Azuki collection was a very successful drop that captured $30 million in sales in its first three minutes for its Anime-inspired avatars. Chronoly (CRNO) is another project that is entering the NFT space and is dropping tokens minted against luxury watches. That can give investors something completely new in the space and could transform the watch investment market. The project’s decentralised trading platform and fractional investment will appeal to many crypto traders.
Anime has always been a big seller in the world of comic books and entertainment and Chiru Labs released that theme as NFTs in Azuki. The drops marked one of the top-selling releases in history with $30 million being raised in only three minutes. In the weeks that followed, the Azuki collection saw its transaction volume balloon to $300 million and they put CryptoPunks and BoredApes in the shade at one point. An Azuki purchase gives holders membership access to “The Garden” which will host streetwear collaborations, NFT drops and live events. The project recently debuted a Twin Tigers Jacket which is redeemable via a special airdropped token to all holders. The key to successful NFTs is to capture a niche area and the Anime brand is one theme that investors love.
Chronoly (CRNO) has the potential to be a success in the NFT world with its asset-backed portfolio. The project will list the NFTs on its own decentralised trading platform and it will democratise the market with fractional investing. That means that smaller investors won’t be locked out as they are in the NFT art world. Chronoly’s rare watch models will be locked up in secure storage vault with insurance and the project is fully audited to protect investors. Users of the platform will be able to purchase a fraction of an NFT backed watch for as little as $10.
Like the Azuki brand, Chronoly investors can snap up the CRNO token which is currently in phase two of its presale. The price which started at $0.01 on the 5th May is now $0.06 at the time of writing. This signifies a 500% gain for investors in two months. Analysts are predicting a further 2,500% gain before the presale concludes on 27th September. Chronoly has a first-mover advantage into a niche area and like Azuki, it is tapping into a proven product and brands that has had long-term success. These two projects are likely to play a big part in the next NFT bull wave. Our pick of the month for top crypto investment is held by Chronoly.
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