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Over the past two years, NFTs have grown from nothing but a fad to a multi-billion dollar asset class that’s attracted investment from a plethora of prominent figures. However, as the sector grows, an increasing number of projects are released making it much more difficult to find cool NFT projects. However, we’re here to help.
Throughout this article, we’ll be looking at some of the coolest NFT projects on the market and exploring their art, utility, community, and plans for the future. Let’s get started.
There are plenty of cool NFT projects out there, but the majority don’t offer much in the way of utility and future potential. However, we’ve taken a look at some of the most intriguing and found the following are the coolest NFT projects for 2022.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 
Now that we’ve had a quick glance at some of the coolest NFTs, it’s time to take a closer look at some new projects that have many crypto-enthusiasts eager to learn how to invest in NFTs today. It’s important to understand what an NFT project offers in terms of utility, future development, and hype as these three factors are the driving forces behind NFT value. While we’ve taken a look at some of the coolest NFT projects on the market, we’ve also got an NFT calendar covering the best upcoming projects for the rest of the year.
Awesome Possums is a cool NFT project with a release scheduled for July 12th, 2022. It’s a community-focused NFT project aiming to empower mental health awareness and addiction recovery, both rather valiant goals. It’s comprised of 12,000 unique Awesome Possum NFTs, of which, 2,000 will be hyper-realistic and 10 super-rare.
awesome possumsawesome possums
In terms of utility, Awesome Possums is a league ahead of the rest. The collection is packed full of potential and has been doing well to meet its goals. Awesome Possums’ features are clearly stated and reasonable. Oftentimes, NFT projects will have lofty goals in order to attract investment, but when it comes to implementing them, things fall flat. However, Awesome Possums is looking to be an exception.
Once minting starts on July 12th, Awesome Possums will really begin to roll out utility. The team will be giving away ETH and NFTs during the minting process, rewarding the earliest adopters for being there from the start. On the topic of rewarding early holders, there will be several giveaways dedicated to initial supporters, meaning an Awesome Possum could pay for itself, even without selling the actual NFT. The team will then also start its series of donations to charities focused on mental health or addiction recovery. 10 select Awesome Possum holders will receive a luxury prize, including things like a vacation, season tickets, or festival tickets.
awesome possums projectawesome possums project
Further down the line, Awesome Possums will reward holders with exclusive merch and even provide five low-income students/families with $10k scholarships. On top of this, the team will give away 10 ETH to a lucky individual every 5K ETH trading cycle.
The future is equally as exciting for Awesome Possum holders. Firstly, the team will launch a charity focused on addiction recovery, helping people to turn their lives around. Then, in addition to another load of giveaways, there are plans to create a platform blending the world of art with recovery. And later, the team will focus on creating a VR game titled Awesome Possums: The Road and a yet-to-be-named animated series.
All in all, both the present and future of Awesome Possums are incredibly exciting. The team seems dedicated to bringing the project to life so it’ll be great to see where things end up.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.
Another cool NFT collection; Souls of Nature, aims to raise funds and awareness for the environment, by providing unique metaverse experiences to holders. The collection, created by Metazooie, will contain 9,271 unique NFTs, however, the mint date is yet to be announced (although we know it’ll be some time in Q3 2022).
souls of nature splashsouls of nature splash
The Souls of Nature collection will feature immersive metaverse experiences designed using Unreal Engine. Each Souls of Nature NFT, grants full access to these metaverse experiences and also act as the players’ in-game character.  Furthermore, the Souls of Nature experiences will follow an experience-to-earn model, in which the player goes on a journey slowly unlocking a ‘fraction of their soul’ as they progress. It’ll be a real-time experience allowing players to interact with each other from within the game. The team will also give 5% of the funds generated from the project to a selection of institutions dedicated to protecting endangered ecosystems.
Once the collection is released in Q3, holders will be allowed to take part in a closed alpha test of the experience in order to provide feedback and further development. As the project goes on, Metazooie will focus on optimizing the experience, before launching a Souls of Nature marketplace and starting the $ZOOIE economy. Once the marketplace and economy have been implemented, the team will release the official game for holders to take part in and slowly expand the project, taking it to new heights.
natures of soul nftsnatures of soul nfts
Overall, Souls of Nature is one of the coolest NFT projects out there. It has a focus on giving back and improving the world around us, meaning the project will make a real-world difference. Although things are still in their early stages, Souls of Nature is gearing up for something big and shows serious blue-chip NFT project potential.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.
Lucky Block coinLucky Block coinThe Lucky Block Platinum High Rollers collection is a very exciting and cool NFT project. Lucky Block is a relatively new crypto that has taken its place as one of the best altcoins currently available. The collection contains 10,000 unique NFTs each of which is individually numbered.
The benefits of joining the Platinum High Rollers Club are exceptional. Each NFT guarantees the holder free lifetime entry into the Lucky Block daily NFT prize draw with an average prize of $10,000. However, there are a further 25 ‘Rare Editions’ in the collection, that give the holder the right to collect double the jackpot ($20,000) if their number is chosen. On top of daily prize draws, there is also a one-off competition in which a lucky NFT holder will win a Lamborghini Aventador worth around $300,000.
Lucky Block NFT collectionLucky Block NFT collection
Each Platinum Roller NFT can be purchased for just 3.75 BNB and with unlimited opportunities to win,  the benefits are immense. With over 2,000 owners already, investors are quickly snatching up Lucky Block NFTs but luckily there are still some available.
Lucky Block prize drawsLucky Block prize draws
While holding a Platinum High Rollers NFT does come with plenty of benefits, users aren’t required to own one in order to take part in the prize draws. Anyone can take part in the prize draws for just $5 using the Lucky Block app. LBLOCK (the native Lucky Block cryptocurrency) provided attracted over 50,000 investors within the first 90 days and provided early adopters with returns of over 70x following the tokens Pancake Swap listing. Wondering how to buy Lucky Block in 2022?
Overall, Lucky Block’s Platinum High Rollers collection has massive potential and provides real value to its holders. For just 3.75 BNB the NFTs are currently a steal considering they provide lifetime entry to daily prize draws worth $10,000. For investors wondering how to buy Lucky Block NFTs, we’ve got a great guide covering the entire process.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.
As the name implies, the Cool Cats NFT collection is one of this year’s coolest NFT projects. It’s comprised of over 9,999 randomly generated, stylistically curated cat-based NFTs built upon the Ethereum blockchain.
cool cats sitecool cats site
Each Cool Cats NFT comes with several interesting benefits. With 20% of the ETH raised returned to the community, holders are regularly given the opportunity to participate in exclusive events like NFT mints, raffles, and special giveaways. Outside of exclusive events, the main use for Cool Cats NFTs is currently as profile pictures but there’s much more in store for the future. Recently, the team ran an event called CooltopiaNYC where holders could meet up and get their hands on exclusive merch.
Cool Cats aims to create ‘Cooltopia’, a gamified ecosystem that will allow players to interact with one another and earn $MILK (the native Cool Cats currency) by completing quests and battling. Later down the line, Cool Cats will implement a hosing system allowing users to build a house within the game.
As it stands, the Cool Cats project is still very much in its early stages. However, progress is still being made and the team has big hopes for 2022. Once the game is up and running, it’s likely the ecosystem will really start to take off.
Likely the most famous NFT collection out there, the Bored Ape Yacht Club is a favorite among NFT investors. It was one of the first blue-chip NFT projects and attracted investment from several celebrities, helping to make the NFT mainstream. The collection consists of 10,000 unique ape-based NFTs with a current floor price of 89 ETH ($98,183).
bayc splashbayc splash
Holders of the NFTs are granted access to several exclusive communities, including the Bathroom, a members-only graffiti board. Furthermore, BAYC holders have full commercial rights to the APE, meaning they can monetize it as they please. Outside of its 100x (initial mint price was 0.08 ETH), owners of the BAYC were also allowed to claim an NFT from Yuga Labs’ new collection of 20,000 Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs which currently has a floor price of 17.4 ETH.
While the past rewards were impressive, the Bored Ape Yacht Club still has more in the pipeline. The team is planning to host a variety of real-world events including a collaborative event with CyberKongz VX and Sandbox where holders will be able to meet up and find out who has the coolest Bored Ape NFT.  A BAYC-based blockchain game is also in development but this will likely not be released for a few years.
The Bored Ape Yacht club is one of the most popular collections on the market and the hype is unlikely to fade away anytime soon. It remains one of the best NFT collections for large-scale investments.
Another NFT project centered around apes, Primates is a community-built project with aims to blend streetwear and crypto; a really cool NFT idea. The collection consists of 10,000 NFTs with a current floor price of 27.9 SOL.
Primates openseaPrimates opensea
Primates is following in the footsteps of Supreme and Palace by building a streetwear brand designed to shake up the current NFT merch market. Rather than low-quality products and basic designs, Primates is aiming to build a brand with quality at its forefront. The merch will be seasonal and extremely limited, which Primates hopes will drive hype and adoption. NFT holders will have access to exclusive merch and early drops, allowing them to meet the masses and get their favorite pieces without having to battle an army of bots.
Eventually, Primates aims to release a whole host of merch including things like wallets, rings, playing cards, and ashtrays. Its goal is to build an exclusive brand which and partner with secondary markets like StockX in order to drive hype and promote reselling.
Primates has a clear focus on what it wants to achieve which will do wonders for the brand. Of course, they’ve still got a long way to go but with a professional fashion designer on board, they’re certainly moving in the right direction.
Invisible Friends is a collection of 5,000 animated invisible characters created by Markus Magnusson. It has a floor price of 3.5 ETH and features some of the coolest NFT art out there.
invisible friendsinvisible friends
Recently, Invisible Friends partnered with renowned lifestyle brand Kith to create a collaborative NFT collection set to drop alongside Kith’s 2022 summer collection. These NFTs will be auctioned off with the winners receiving physical versions of the NFT’s outfits. Furthermore, Invisible Friends holders will get exclusive access to a collection of Kith x Invisible Friends hoodies.
Later down the line, this cool NFT project also aims to host a meet for holders in NYC and provide supporters with the option of turning their 2D Invisible Friend into a 3D version. A series of toys based on Invisible Friends will also be created, and lastly, holders will receive an NFT from the upcoming ‘Garbage Friends’ collection.
Invisible Friends is an exciting project with ties to mainstream brands. It has a well-defined vision for the future and seems intent on rewarding early supporters further down the line.
The Cryptoverse is a 3d virtual world built using the Unreal Engine. It’s one of the coolest NFTs in the metaverse sector and aims to empower users to create and monetize blockchain-based experiences similar to other crypto projects such as Decentraland or The Sandbox.
cryptoverse vipcryptoverse vip
Cryptoverse is part of the Chain Guardians ecosystem meaning it uses the same $CGG token for transacting. Aiming to revolutionize the metaverse, Cryptoverse is creating a 3D virtual world in which users can drop in using an avatar acquired from the Chain Guardians ecosystem. Then, users will be able to purchase a plot of land to create experiences using the advanced creation tools. What makes Cryptoverse different from other metaverse coins like The Sandbox is its focus on community. Rather than trying to get large corporations involved, Cryptoverse will focus on community governance allowing the players to shape the platform.
Eventually, the team aims to create a Cryptoverse marketplace and implement support for VR which has the potential to take any metaverse experience to the next level.  It already features some really cool NFT art and has some of the highest quality assets in the industry. With ties to already popular NFT projects and an experienced team of developers, this cool NFT project seems poised to take over the metaverse.
Created by 1Block, Meta Samurai is a collection of 3,398  3D figures created one by one. Compared to the other projects we’ve looked at, the barrier to entry for Meta Samurai is rather low at just 0.3 ETH.
Meta Samurai (2)Meta Samurai (2)
Meta Samurai was not only designed to be a stylish avatar but also to bring digital fashion into the real world. 1Block has recently developed an app called METADRIP that allows users to wear 3D digital garments in augmented reality through a smartphone camera. The app contains a digital wardrobe that can hold a range of 3d digital assets allowing the user to easily switch between outfits. In addition to the Meta Samurai, 1Block has also developed a range of digital trainers that can also be used within the application.
Now that the Meta Samurai collection has been released, 1Block aims to ramp up collaborative efforts and work with leading artists to create a series of special Meta Samurai. 1Block is aiming to build a range of digital experiences that will be accessed using a Meta Samurai and cause the digital figure to evolve over time. Although the project is still in its early days, Meta Samurai is a very cool NFT project that has the potential to shake up digital fashion in a big way.
Mooonbirds is one of the year’s hottest NFT collections. It consists of a collection of 10,000 utility-enabled profile pictures. The collection sold out in minutes and has a current floor price of 18.75 ETH.
moon birdsmoon birds
Outside of its use as profile pictures, Moonbirds is packed with utility. Each Moonbird provides its holder with access to the private PROOF (the Moonbirds developer) discord server, in which holders will be invited to take part in exclusive Moonbird-related drops, giveaways, and meetups. Furthermore, having a Moonbird also grants the owner early access to all future PROOF projects.
Moonbird holders have the option to ‘nest’ their NFT in order to gain additional rewards. The nesting process is similar to staking but the NFT never leaves the holder’s wallet. The additional benefits from nesting (enhanced drops and rewards) are accrued slowly, over time, incentivizing long-term holding. When PROOF releases its own metaverse titled Highrise, Moonbird holders will be the first to get access.
Moonbirds is one of the most-traded NFT collections out there right now. The vast range of benefits has done a great job attracting investors and the team’s cool NFT ideas are set to make a big splash as the PROOF ecosystem grows.
Figuring out where to buy cool NFTs is equally as important as selecting which collection to purchase. Both platforms below are well-designed and great for all kinds of investors.
NFT LaunchPad may not be the oldest NFT marketplace but it’s one of the best. After launching in early 2022, the marketplace quickly gained traction and drew intrigue from investors everywhere. With support for both the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon (MATIC) networks, there’s a huge amount of assets to choose between on NFT Launchpad.
To make buying and selling collections as accessible as possible, assets on NFT Launchpad are purchased using Wrapped BNB (WBNB) which also ensures fees remain low. In terms of interface, NFT LaunchPad is stellar. It’s accessible via web browser and the platform is easy-to-use and powerful. All important buttons are clearly visible, making it an easy platform to get used to. The platform uses a color scheme dominated by white, grey, and green, which makes NFT Launchpad very easy on the eyes.
NFT LaunchPad reviewNFT LaunchPad review
While NFT LaunchPad is great for buying cheap NFTs, it’s also perfect for minting a collection yourself. It supports a wide range of formats, meaning collections can be customized extensively, to the creator’s exact specifications. Furthermore, creators have full control over royalties and can select various rarity levels for their collection. It’s even possible to create a dedicated page for a collection that can contain a description and important links (website, whitepaper, etc).
Overall, NFT LaunchPad is an excellent platform to buy cheap NFTs. It has a wide range of projects including the well-known Lucky Block collection. Furthermore, with a simple, yet powerful minting system, NFT LaunchPad is perfect for anyone looking to buy, sell, or mint NFTs.



Your capital is at risk. logoFew crypto platforms are better known than With more  than 50 million users around the globe, it’s a titan of the industry and with its NFT platform, the company is hoping to continue its success in a new sector.
The NFT marketplace is quite new, only launching in 2021. However, it’s already grown substantially and become home to hundreds of NFT collections across a wide range of categories. In an effort to protect its users against scams (which are unfortunately rather prevalent in the NFT market) only supports collections they have vetted and determined to be mostly safe. NFTs
There are minimal fees on the NFT marketplace. NFTs can be bought and sold for free, with the only fee being a slight fee for submitting collections. There are lots of different projects available on the marketplace with one of the most exciting being a collaboration between Paris Saint Germain and Jay Chou. Outside of this collection, the marketplace frequently hosts NFT drops from notable creators, making it a great platform to get in early on a project.
When it comes to storing the information linked to transactions, everything is recorded on the Chain. This allows the platform to keep fees as low as possible. When it comes to supported payment methods, supports both credit/debit cards as well as a range of cryptos.
All in all, the marketplace is solid. It’s well-designed, has a bustling ecosystem, and offers some of the industry’s lowest fees.



Your capital is at risk.
To conclude, throughout this guide we’ve looked at some of the coolest NFT projects on the market and explored what they offer in terms of present and future utility. Each project we’ve looked at is cool and has plenty of potential, therefore choosing between them can be quite a troublesome task.
After analyzing the coolest NFT projects out there, we’ve noticed a clear winner. Awesome Possums is an ambitious upcoming NFT collection that has massive potential. Not only does it feature excellent artwork but also conveys a positive message and does its part to help in a real way. The collection is set to drop on July 12th with increased functionality due to rollout shortly after.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 
Cool Cats is one of the most famous NFT collections currently available. Right now, the floor price is hovering around 4.35 ETH ($4755).
There are tons of cool NFTs out there. However, throughout our research, we found Awesome Possums, Souls of Nature, and Lucky Block to be the best.
The best way to make money with NFTs is by buying during minting. The minting process for Awesome Possums is set to begin on July 12th so it could be a great project to buy early.
The coolest NFT project this year is Awesome Possums. It’s got a ton of hype behind it, an excellent team, and some really cool NFT art.
  This article was written for Business 2 Community by Jay Leonard.
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