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The GameFi project of the year is making a killing in gaming and is looking to bring its virtual ecosystem into the real world.
While the metaverse is still a relatively novel concept, there hasn’t been a shortage of projects capitalizing on the popularity of decentralized virtual worlds. But, as dozens of metaverse games launch and fail, the truth about the latest crypto obsession is revealed — only a few are actually built to last.
This isn’t the case with Cross The Ages.
The project is hard to define — on one hand, it has the shape of a metaverse game that runs on NFTs. On the other hand, it looks nothing like any metaverse game on the market.
Speaking to CryptonitesAlex Fazel at the Paris Blockchain Week, Sami Chlagou, the co-founder of Cross The Ages, said that it isn’t just another NFT project.
Coming from a successful career of running a studio producing games for Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox, Chlagou managed to create an immersive universe that he felt was missing from GameFi. With a passion for comic books, card games, and collectibles, he wanted to make the best out of the virtual world — by bringing it into the real one.
Chlagou explained that Cross The Ages is unique as it’s the only project that began its journey in the metaverse and then transitioned into the real world.
This was possible thanks to the tight-knit community that formed around Cross The Ages — Chlagou said that the game already has over 100,000 followers on Twitter. A book rendition of the game saw over 150,000 downloads since it was published, for free, in six different languages.
The community gathered around a massive team that has been working on the project for almost two years. There are currently 150 people working on Cross The Ages right now, 80 of which are designers poached from some of the world’s most popular games and movies, including Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Matrix, and others. Cross The Ages has expanded its writing team and now has 13 people dedicated to crafting an immersive story about the CTA universe.
Chlagou said that what makes this team stand out is the fact that it will keep onto its employees for another ten years.
It’s this team that made Cross The Ages into more than just a GameFi project. Chlagou explained that the project initially wanted to add a virtual component to card trading games, but has evolved into a full ecosystem with NFTs, comic books, action figures, original soundtracks, and something he calls an NFC. NFCs are physical trading cards with built-in chips that offer their owners all of the functionalities of NFTs.
“Cross The Ages is a bridge between the virtual and the physical,” he told Cryptonites.
What Chlagou and his team created around Cross The Ages is more than just a physical copy of the game. He believes that the unique ecosystem will outlast the market hype around the metaverse and GameFi and offer users an experience unlike any other.
“We aren’t a play-to-earn project — we’re play-and-earn.”
Armed with a classical education and an eye for news, Andjela dove head deep into the crypto industry in 2018 after spending years covering politics.
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