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| Source: Elite Token Elite Token
New York, New York
New York, May 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Elite Token (, the all-in-one crypto system for mobile, influencers, NFTs, metaverse and Play2Earn, today announced the NFT Drop and the beta version of the “Runiverse.” The new gaming platform works across the most popular metaverses (Sandbox, Decentraland, Star Atlas), allowing users to challenge other players on the performance of the crypto market. 
The Runiverse is Play-to-Earn and gamified investment. In a fun application, users effectively do short trades, betting cryptocurrencies against one another based on their market performance within 30 second periods. The various cryptocurrencies are represented by NFT skins called “Runners” that race against one another. You can either bet on a given cryptocurrency (someone’s Runner NFT), and get a reward if it wins, or, if you are the holder of a Runner NFT, get a cut of all the races won by the cryptocurrency that your NFT represents. The game is based on real-time oracle data from Quickswap and Binance. 

Major Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies featured include key names with high potential: $AAVE$AMP, Automata $ATA, Basic Attention Token $BAT, Binance’s $BNB, the Binance stablecoin BUSD, Chiliz $CHZ, Compound $COMP, Curve $CRV, Elite Token’s native coin $ELITE, Enjin Coin $ENJ, Fantom $FTM, Gnosis $GNO, The Graph $GRT, Holo $HOT, IoTeX $IOTX, Loopring $LRC, Decentraland $MANA, Polygon $MATIC, Maker $MKR$PENKY, QuickSwap $QUICK, The Sandbox $SAND, SushiSwap $SUSHI, Theta Network $THETA, UniLend $UFT, Uniswap $UNI, Wrapped Bitcoin $WBTC$WETH, 1inch Network $1INCH, Yearn.Finance, $YFI
The NFT avatars that race in the name of crypto tokens are represented by celebrities like Gianluca Vacchi, an Italian multimillionaire stock magnate turned DJ, who is a co-founder of Elite Token. Elite’s P2E app stands to replace horse betting with crypto racing, and horses with celebrities.
How it Works
Every competition takes place on NFT “Tracks” with NFT skins called “Runners”. Owners of one of these kinds of NFTs, get rewarded every time it is used as a Track or if the Runner is chosen by a player. The rewards promise to be considerable, with annual earnings estimated to be several $ thousands. Details on the concept can be found in the litepaper, users can explore the game via a beta on the Runiverse website. Starting today, the beta lets players earn real crypto.  

The Runiverse is a “double or nothing” game: the bet is always $5 per player, with the possibility to take home the pot of $10, minus 5% that is distributed among the owners of the NFTs involved. In each game, NFTs receive 5% of the total prize pot, while each Runner NFT gets 1%, and each Track NFT 3%. 

Runiverse NFTs and Customized DJ Compositions

Elite Token’s early access white list NFT sale starts today at 11:00 AM ET and offers a chance for early birds to get a special discount and secure a limited edition ”Winning Emotes” NFT before the public sale begins. The sale, which consists of several rounds, will begin by offering “Emote NFTs.” These cosmetic NFTs are nonfunctional emojis that will add special effects. The first set will include various dances and the unpublished soundtracks of famous DJs. The Emote dances that represent the $ELITE token are based on co-founder Gianluca’s famous viral beach dance.   

Entrepreneur and DJ Gianluca Vacchi: “When the founders of the Runiverse asked me to reproduce my dances from Instagram and TikTok for their project, I was fascinated by the idea of connecting a set of collectibles with current trends in the metaverse. Giving a second life to my dancing was really enjoyable and I also had a lot of fun wearing the sensor suit to faithfully reproduce them. I chose to associate my character with the $ELITE token, a project that I am launching that will integrate blockchain and tokenization with a telco for the very first time ever.”

After the sale of the Winning Emotes NFTs, Skins and Tracks will be auctioned individually once every two weeks. The auctions on OpenSea and on will begin with the Tracks. Twelve are currently available. Each Runner skin represents a different cryptocurrency; for each cryptocurrency a mere 5 NFTs exist. Once the available Runner skins are sold, no more will be issued, and owners can earn on all the players that choose to run with the cryptocurrency represented by their NFT.  

Elite Token Ecosystem
Elite Token is creating a larger crypto ecosystem which will unite the mobile industry, influencers, international celebrities, NFTs, the Metaverse, and Play2Earn. The $ELITE token represents the entry ticket into, and center of this ecosystem. For the first time ever, it will link the services of a telco to a cryptocurrency. The Runiverse is the first in a series of products in the ecosystem which is set to be released in the coming months. 
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About the Runiverse:
The Runiverse is an exciting cross-metaverse gaming platform where you can challenge other players on the performance of the crypto market. Every competition takes place on NFT tracks with NFT runners called “Skins”. As an owner of a Runiverse NFT, you will get rewarded every time your NFT is used as a Track or your Runner is chosen by a player. The Runiverse NFTs are available on the OpenSea marketplace. 
Press Kit:
About Elite Token
Elite Token is built on the Polygon blockchain. It uses the $ELITE token to enable a unique ecosystem uniting the mobile industry, influencers, NFTs and a native NFT Marketplace, the metaverse, gaming, and Play2Earn in a magic mix. It offers valuable opportunities to all. Investors gain a new asset class. Users can realize their dreams while browsing exclusive content and interacting with icons and business partners. Creators can raise capital, start projects, and interact with their fanbase. 


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