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A Free Green-tier Commemorative NFT Featuring the Slam-Girl Character Card is Currently Available to Fans Worldwide
Boca Raton, Florida, Oct. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CYIOS Corp (OTC PINK: CYIO) a blockchain focused holding company with operations in Crypto-lending and trading, Web3 and NFT announces that on Oct. 4th, the official drop #1 of the Slam-Girl Genesis collection in collaboration with OneOf, the green Web3 company for iconic brands, artists and athletes – ahead of New York Comic Con Oct. 6-9th, 2022.
Mr.John O’Shea, Chairman-Cyios Corp & Director-Immortals Group stated “This is a historic and exciting achievement to have the first drop of the Slam-Girl Genesis NFT Collection debut on eBay in collaboration with Oneof.  We chose to partner with Oneof due to their extensive knowledge, partnerships and expertise in building community, selling out NFT projects and, because they were able to attract the interest of eBay to launch the Slam-Girl Genesis Collection on their platform, to a massive global audience.  Importantly, the Oneof platform in collaboration with eBay, allows for buyers of the Slam-Girl NFT Drop #1 to use fiat currency and credit cards for purchasing, thus making the Slam-Girl NFT available to seasoned NFT investors as well non-crypto buyers and new NFT investors to participate in the offering.  Our Slam-Girl roadmap contains numerous drops including the; Genesis Collection, origin story and webisode digital comic book, and Generative Collection, all anticipated to drop before year’s end.”
Slam-Girl reveals a little-known superhero created by legendary comics creator and Marvel founder Stan Lee, and famed comics artist and Spider-Man Unlimited, X-Men and Captain Planet producer and director, Will Meugniot. Slam-Girl, a parody of Spider-Man, is a 20-something young woman whose encounter with a sentient radioactive Old Spider Bite Lite Beer imbues her with an array of superpowers she reluctantly embraces.
The collection will be exclusively available on eBay starting October 4 for US, UK and Germany-based fans.  A free green-tier commemorative NFT featuring the Slam-Girl character card is available to fans worldwide now at
The Slam-Girl Genesis Collection will be released in a series of drops, produced by SCUZZLE-SLH, LTD, developed in collaboration with investment/funding partner Immortals Group and curated by former Marvel comics publisher Shirrel Rhoades. The first drop will feature a variety of scenes featuring Slam-Girl fighting four of her nemeses from The League of Evil Bastards — villains also designed by Stan Lee and Will Meugniot. Each “Battle Card” NFT will come in three different designs and rarity tiers, “Gold”, “Platinum” and the animated “Diamond” tier. Four additional animated villain Wanted poster NFTs will be available for purchase exclusively to fans who visit the eBay booth at New York Comic Con. Those who purchase one of the event-exclusive NFTs can also take home a free Slam Girl “Wanted” poster (1 of 4) autographed by Slam Girl creative team Will Meugniot and curator Shirrel Rhoades.
To learn more about the Slam-Girl collection, visit
Public and Investor Relations:
Investors are encouraged to follow CYIOS using:
About The Slam-Girl CYBERspace NFT Collection
The Slam-Girl CYBERspace NFT Collection is an amazing collection of NFTs based on the historic treasure of the never before released Slam-Girl character and superhero franchise co-created by Stan Lee and Will Meugniot at the dawn of the internet in the year 2000. Shirrel Rhoades, former Marvel Comics Publisher and former Executive Vice President Marvel Entertainment, is curator of the Slam-Girl CYBERspace NFT Collection which has been masterfully designed by Salm-Girl co-creator, NFT artist and legendary Marvel animator, artist and storyteller, Will Meugniot.
About Immortals Group, Pty Ltd
Immortals Group works with IP owners to design, produce, market, sell unique collections of NFTs including the development of NFT roadmap & whitepaper, with NFT utility as well as building of the community designed to establish the brand/IP with a robust secondary market. The Company is based in Australia and is a wholly owned subsidiary of CYIOS Corp, a US public company (ticker: CYIO). Immortals has teamed up with Hong Kong-based SCUZZLE-SLH Ltd, a company that acquired the creative assets of Stan Lee Media, Stan Lee’s Hollywood-based animation studio
About OneOf
Deeply committed to a sustainable and inclusive blockchain future, OneOf is the green Web3 company connecting the next 100M non-crypto-native fans to iconic brands, artists, and athletes. OneOf removes the technical frictions of Web3 by giving fans the option to pay for their NFTs with credit/debit cards or any major cryptocurrencies. Minting an NFT on OneOf’s platform uses up to 2 million times less energy than proof-of-work networks, and for its users, purchasing NFTs costs $0 in blockchain gas fees. A leader in diversity, over 80% of the collections curated by OneOf come from minority or female creators. For more info visit
The Slam-Girl CYBERspace NFT Collection, SLH Ltd, or Immortals Group are not affiliated with Marvel, POW!, Genius Brands, the Estate of Stan Lee or Stan Lee Universe.
FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS: This release contains “forward-looking statements.” Forward-looking statements also may be included in other publicly available documents issued by the Company and in oral statements made by our officers and representatives from time to time. These forward-looking statements are intended to provide management’s current expectations or plans for our future operating and financial performance, based on assumptions currently believed to be valid. They can be identified using words such as “anticipate,” “intend,” “plan,” “goal,” “seek,” “believe,” “project,” “estimate,” “expect,” “strategy,” “future,” “likely,” “may,” “should,” “would,” “could,” “will” & other words of similar meaning in connection with a discussion of future operating or financial performance. Examples of forward-looking statements include, among others, statements relating to future sales, earnings, cash flows, results of operations, uses of cash and other measures of financial performance. Because forward-looking statements relate to the future, they are subject to inherent risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the Company’s actual results and financial condition to differ materially from those expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements. Such risks, uncertainties and other factors include, among others such as, but not limited to economic conditions, changes in the laws or regulations, demand for products and services of the company, the effects of competition and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected or represented in the forward-looking statements. Any forward-looking information provided in this release should be considered w/ these factors in mind. We assume no obligation to update any forward-looking statements contained in this report

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