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Blockchain-based multimedia, digital entertainment, and GameFi platform Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) has set the launch date for the latest P2E title joining its PlayMining platform. Slated for release, Cookin’ Burger, developed by Burger Studios, will debut as the first third-party game on the PlayMining platform on June 30, 2022.
DEA has clarified that leading up to the game’s launch, additional Shop NFTs of the game’s “Secondhand Food Carts” will be available for sale on the PlayMining NFT platform starting June 10, 2022. 
Although other P2E game titles are currently playable within the PlayMining ecosystem, Cookin’ Burger represents the first time a game title has been introduced to the platform by a third-party developer. 
DEA is actively involved in the P2E gaming scene and has already launched several successful initiatives as part of its GameFi model, including the PlayMining game platform, the PlayMining NFT marketplace on Binance Chain, and the platform-native DEAPCoin ($DEP) token.
Cookin’ Burger simulates the experience of owning and operating a burger shop in the real world but is powered by blockchain technology, NFTs, and in-game tokens. It is a multitasking action game where users play the role of a burger shop worker. 
The core gameplay revolves around taking orders from different customers and serving them quickly, efficiently, and accurately. The better the player performs, the higher the reputation points they earn for their shop. In the game, players can individually own burger shops by holding NFTs called “Shop NFTs,” or they can play without owning any shops. 
Both Shop NFTs and Secondhand Food Carts offer different upgrades and features that affect the rewards an individual can earn, making them integral parts of the Cookin’ Burger ecosystem. Accordingly, the upcoming presale will give users early access to a wide range of Secondhand Food Carts, including categories, ranks, menus, and locations.
The “Secondhand Food Carts” come in different types and are capped at a maximum of 300 units. Players can choose to run a Food Cart offering either Japanese style, Western Style, or Chinese style burger menus in different areas, including the city, beach, and countryside. 
Despite appearing like relatively simple gameplay, Cookin’ Burger requires players to learn customers’ individual preferences and identify more efficient ways to cook and serve the orders. Upon successful completion of orders, players will be awarded in-game NFTs and tokens. Players can also win additional rewards by completing daily missions, joining weekly events, and securing a slot in the monthly ranking leaderboards. Cookin’ Burger distributes DEAPCoin ($DEP) and other in-game rewards based on a player’s overall performance and in-game scores accumulated over each season.
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