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Tomonobu Itagaki is currently working on a MMORPG named ‘Warrior’
Dead Or Alive creator and Ninja Gaiden director Tomonobu Itagaki has announced the launch of Apex Game Studios, which will focus on NFTs and the Metaverse.
According to Itagaki, Apex Game Studios ”focuses on producing high-quality and immersive 3A Web3.0 games and has already “incubated” a MMORPG called Warrior.
A blog explains that “Warrior is a next-generation NFT-based crypto MMORPG game that takes NFT gaming to the next level. Warrior features highly dynamic gameplay with a play-to-earn (P2E) structure, making the game not only enjoyable but also profitable. The world of Warrior is based on a futuristic world with warriors fighting in a new and unknown continent.”
Warrior has been developed using Unreal Engine and “aims to break down the barriers to blockchain gaming within the GameFi sector by solving performance, security, and sustainability issues”
“Almost all the assets that players obtain in the game are NFTs” and players can also buy in-game real estate.
My Apex Game Studios set up and incubated its first game @warriorgame_io
My Studio focuses on producing high-quality and immersive 3A Web3.0 games
Warrior aims to solve the performance and security issues of GameFi 1.0 and achieve GameFi 2.0
— Tomonobu Itagaki (@ItagakiApex) July 12, 2022

Warrior will feature both PvE and PvP game modes. Main Missions sees players form teams of four to overcome over 3000 stages while Rift Challenges will be opened every time a player conquers a continent, allowing players to earn profits in the form of WGT tokens.
However, a currently undisclosed number of WGT tokens must be spent for players to participate in those PvE games.
Apex Game Studios has also made a WDT governance token available, allowing holders to vote or delegate proposals within WarriorDAO. According to a recent Q+A, the beta version of Warrior will release in Q3 of 2022 with the full version of the game following shortly after.
Last month, it was confirmed PlayStation veterans Michael Mumbauer and John Garvin are forming a new development studio called Liithos and their first game will be an NFT game called Ashfall.
Earlier in the year, a survey found 72 per cent of game developers had no interest in cryptocurrency, and 70 per cent weren’t interested by NFTs.
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