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Working out how to play the Deadrop game early access can be very confusing. You can’t buy it on Steam or the Epic Games Store and you can’t put down any cash on the official website. So how exactly can you play Deadrop, Dr Disrespect’s new game built with developer Midnight Society? Here’s the need-to-know info about playing Deadrop’s early access alpha/beta build.
To play Deadrop in early access, players must own a Founder’s Pass.
Unlike the passes used in other early access games, the Deadrop Founder’s Pass is an NFT (non-fungible token). At the time of writing, all NFTs have been sold and so no further access will be granted.
Those who don’t already own a Founder’s Pass will need to wait for the next drop. It’s not yet clear when that next drop will occur, though it will likely be announced over on the official @Deadrop Twitter account close to the time.
At $50, the Founder’s Pass NFT is a significant price of admission to this early access build of the game. However, it also includes early access to game builds and weapon tests, voting rights on game features, exclusive access to studio events, first dibs on merchandise, and early access to Industry Guilds. Last but not least, and this is where the NFT part of the pass comes into play, is the “one-of-a-king Midnight Society call sign and VisorCortex that you own.”
For those who can’t yet access Deadrop, you’ll be happy to hear that there is no embargo on footage from the early access preview. This means that content creators like BigfryTV, whose video is embedded below, can provide an overview of the experience. It might not be the same as playing, but it’s the best you can get at this point!

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