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Home » News » Decentraland Worlds: Digital Rooms For Name NFT Holders
Decentraland Worlds is an exciting new release from Decentraland, where users can create and customize spaces to host and organize events. These new Worlds exist separately from the main map, Genesis City, also known commonly as the Decentralan Map.
Decentraland Worlds allow users to create their own personal 3D space within the Decentraland metaverse, without owning LAND. Worlds cannot be sold or traded in themselves, but available for Decentraland Name holders. Worlds serve as a place for Decentraland citizens to build, experiment, and host events and interactive experiences. The main goal of releasing the Worlds feature is to lower the barriers for becoming a Decentraland creator.  Helping the creator community will consequently lead to the continued growth and enrichment of the Decentraland platform.
Worlds are currently in beta, which means it is still in the testing phase. During this time, Decentraland will gather user feedback and make improvements to the platform before its official release. Beta testing allows Decentraland to ensure that the platform is fully functional and ready for public use.
Users can create and customize their own virtual reality within the Decentraland metaverse, without owning LAND in Genesis City. Users have complete control over the design and content of their virtual space to create their own unique experiences. Worlds can also host events for up to 100 users, inviting them with a unique URL.
Another unique aspect of these Worlds is the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent ownership of virtual reality assets. NFTs provide access to the user World and can be implemented to monetize these spaces. Creators now have the possibility to gather their communities in a space where they can show art, experiences and events.
Decentraland is a revolutionary platform that provides users with the tools and resources to create and customize their own unique experiences within the Decentraland metaverse. It allows users to express themselves and their creativity in a 3D space, and it also provides a platform for them to monetize their creations. Furthermore, Decentraland has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact and engage with each other in the virtual world, and it has the potential to shape the future of the metaverse.
The importance of Decentraland Worlds cannot be overstated. It has the potential to change the way we experience and engage with the virtual world, and it has the potential to shape the future of the metaverse. With its ability to give users the power to create and customize their own virtual reality, Decentraland Worlds is a groundbreaking new release that is sure to have a significant impact on the future of virtual reality.
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