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BY Jex Exmundo
September 22, 2022
Disney’s aggressive acquisitions of some of the most beloved IPs in existence over the recent decades have established the brand as a cultural force to be reckoned with. The Mickey Mouse logo isn’t just for kids now, and it hasn’t been for years. It’s for everyone.
As such, this has enabled massive success for Disney-themed projects and collections in the NFT space. Plenty of people worldwide already center their IRL collections around all things Disney. So it only makes sense that the same has been true for digital NFT collections.
So, where can you buy these fabled Disney NFTs? Even on colossal NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, collections or individual pieces directly tied to Disney IPs are nowhere to be found. Seriously. Try looking yourself.
Thankfully, that doesn’t mean Disney NFTs are non-existent. They’re just somewhere else: on VeVe. It’s an app-based NFT marketplace that specializes in digital collectibles — particularly licensed collections. As such, some of the most beloved brands in pop culture saw their NFT debuts take place in the marketplace. Among those brands is Marvel — one of the most notable companies active today under Disney’s ownership.
Of all things, the very first Marvel-related NFT that found its way minted onto the blockchain was an NFT collectible of Marvel’s tie-in comic with Japanese super sentai icon Ultraman. The collection launched on Veve in late April 2021, and like most other collections hosted on the platform, it sold out almost immediately.
As VeVe specializes in licensed collections, you’ll find no shortage of pop culture NFTs to collect on the platform. For fans of Disney and any IPs under it — that includes Star Wars, Pixar, and all of Marvel Comics — you’ll want to pay close attention to the ongoing Golden Moments Disney NFT collection. That is, if Disney and Veve give it another go.
Since November 2021, VeVe and Disney have worked together to publish quality NFT collections depicting some of the most popular characters in Disney’s vast library rendered in glorious 3D gold. But what’s in it for collectors? Select holders of Disney Golden Moments NFTs are also granted three free months of Disney+ membership. Not bad. Now Bored Ape holders don’t have to be alone in that regard when it comes to NFT perks.
Unfortunately, anyone interested in these particular collectibles may have to scour the open market to search for them. On September 9, 2022, the Golden Moments dropped its final NFT collection. Fittingly called Golden Moments Finale, the collection was highlighted by an NFT of Aladdin’s magical lamp from the 90s classic film. We’re curious whether holders of these magical lamp NFTs will feature Robin Williams or Will Smith residing inside.
Yes. Star Wars NFTs. They’re here, and they’ve dropped in abundance over the past few years. Although Star Wars characters were featured as part of the Disney Golden Moments collection, several standalone collections on VeVe also hail from a galaxy far, far away.
Most notably, this included a collection centered around some of the most feared Sith Lords we’ve seen grace the silver screen. In May 2022, VeVe held the first drop for its Star Wars Dark Side collection. Of course, who better to launch this collection than the Sith Lord himself? With this collection’s debut. NFT collectors gained the opportunity to add a 3D rendering of Darth Vader in full color to their collections.
There’s no word yet on who the next Sith Lord in this collection will be, but, considering the depth of lore that Star Wars has, fans will be spoiled for choice. Darth Plagueis the Wise, anyone?
You wouldn’t think Marvel would stop with its Ultraman tie-in, right? Of course they wouldn’t. Since that first drop, numerous other Marvel-themed NFT collections have dropped on VeVe. And the first was a Spider-Man NFT drop.
The August 2021 drop of this collection kicked off an entire month of Marvel-themed drops on the platform, which also featured an NFT collectible of Marvel’s first-ever comic from 1939, and a new line of exclusive NFT figures dubbed Marvel Mightys. The Mightys drop included digital figurines featuring Captain America, his friends, and his rogue’s gallery.
In recent months, we’ve also seen limited edition NFT covers of some of Marvel’s mightiest heroes grace VeVe’s marketplace. Dubbed the Marvel Artworks series, the ongoing collection has featured NFT editions of some of the most iconic Marvel covers we’ve seen to date. Notable entrants to this series include Adam Kubert’s art for Wolverine #107 and Sara Pichelli’s work on Miles Morales: Spider-Man #25.
Even if something isn’t worth much to you, it might be worth more to someone else out there. You may not find any VeVe NFTs on mainstream NFT marketplaces, but a healthy secondary market exists on VeVe’s own platform.
Effectively, this allows VeVe users to trade in their digital collectibles that might suit their fancy more. Someone out there who just isn’t that into Spider-Man might happily trade his Spidey NFT for your Pete NFT (yes, that Pete.)


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