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| Source: Megacy Megacy
Hanoi, July 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —   NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) is rapidly expanding. In 2021, the market concluded approximately USD 25 billion in total sales. By 2025, Blockchain games are predicted to be worth USD 50 billion. Today, as the NFT space continues to grow—it’s already been classified into six categories, mainly Art, Collect, Gamefi, Metaverse / Visual Land, and Utilities—the challenge for multi-sector users is to find more ways to utilize their assets.

Keeping in mind NFTs’ distinct attributes and nature to be traded—unconstrained—under decentralized Blockchain eco-systems, how can users, like you, take advantage of available platforms that address new use cases or value goals? Furthermore, how can next-generation blockchains provide an all-around service, at cheaper transaction costs, without having to switch applications for specific services?

A one-stop-shop, multi-chain platform
Perhaps, MEGACY can be of assistance (and more) to critical and discerning NFT users. Simply put: it’s an all-in-one, multi-chain platform that allows you to access the latest, most convenient services and tools for all NFT-related requirements. The mission is to be the first of its kind that enables projects and creators to quickly develop, mint, or construct a minting portal, and launch, among other tasks, through any of the blockchains it supports.
These are all easy to query and exchange as MEGACY is a bridge connecting chains for others to convert quickly, produce liquidity, borrow and mortgage assets, and connect to develop resources—on top of providing decentralized financial services. MEGACY also concentrates on finding, producing, and growing applicable decentralized applications (Dapp) for each NFT use case, as well as the best, most user-friendly and market-specific decentralized finance products.
Game-changing platform features
With the intent of providing attractive and approachable services, MEGACY carries engaging features you can benefit from:
Easily launch your project with MEGACY’s launchpad for projects, collections, and minting gate NFT for creators.
Generate unlimited art for free! Create compiled images with rarities and preview images by using mint deployment.
Enjoy a multi-chain, all-in-one Marketplace, where you can buy, sell, analyze, and track your portfolio on any blockchain from anywhere using the mobile app.
You can buy multiple NFTs in a cart, instead of gas fees, using NFT markets directly, because you can save up to 40% on such fees compared to buying individually.
Be a part of a bigger Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), and create, govern, propose, and vote on all issues related to the development of your own DAO.
Take advantage of the Finance for NFT feature, and unlock a liquidity pool for the NFT, maximize profitability farms, and earn passive income.
In other words, you can easily launch projects and collections, generate unlimited art for free, as well as buy, sell, manage, analyze, and track your portfolio with the mobile app, plus save up to 40% on gas fees when you buy NFTs in a cart, co-exist and thrive in a DAO, and earn passive income through Finance!
If these triggered excitement, you can take a more comprehensive dive into these MEGACY key features, access their website here: 

MEGACY Tokenomics
Coined as “MCY”, the native token of MEGACY is issued on the platform, which is also compatible with BSC and ETH networks. However, MCY tokens also have a number of extra advantages on top of its innate capacity to trade. Below is a snapshot of an MCY’s edge:
Swap & Exchange: MCY tokens can be exchanged, swapped, and traded on centralized and decentralized exchange platforms.
Discount transaction fees: MCY token owners and holders (MCY Holders) have a lower transaction cost on the MEGACY Dapp, based on the amount of MCY they own or may use to pay platform transaction fees.
Product development: Further utilize MEGACY revenue from transaction fees and other sources to incentivise contributors such as Liquidity Providers, Skaters, Holders, Users, and others developing products and projects within the MEGACY ecosystem.
Staking & Rewards incentives: MCY will be utilized to reward Liquidity Providers and Staking rewards through the MEGACY Dapp.
Governance: The MEGACY DAO—a DEFI NFT protocol that seeks to empower the community—allows MYC staking users to submit proposals to be reviewed by the community for DAO voting.
Unique Membership Rights: Long-term, MEGACY token and NFT Holders will be organized into “tier” ranks and receive benefits from MEGACY such as perks for participating in MEGACY products (Launchpad, Marketplace, DEFI, among others) and event lawsuits from MEGACY’s partners.

On a different note, it’s not just innovative features and advantages that MEGACY offers, as it also has NFT collections called the MEGACY Cyber NFT. These are three different collections to be released on three separate platforms, namely Solana, BSC, and ETH.  The works will also have 10,000 unique NFTs made up of over 200 features and 19 layers.
Furthermore, MEGACY is already on its way to making a positive impact to the NFT space, and it’s currently looking into reinforcing token issuance, multi-chain interactions, and support engine extensions. Developing new bridges and products, integrating new networks, increasing DEFI functionality, and linking to extended DEFI products for NFTs are also in the pipeline.
So, how can users take advantage of platforms that conveniently offer different services and advantages without paying too much? One should only look towards a promising new multi-chain for all NFT needs—MEGACY. 


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