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Popular video-game streamer Dr Disrespect on Sunday revealed early footage from the first game of his new gaming studio, a first-person shooter titled Deadrop. People are already tearing it to shreds on social media.
The announcement comes months after Dr Disrespect announced the launch of the games studio he founded with Call of Duty and Halo veterans Robert Bowling, Quinn DelHoyo, and Sumit Gupta called Midnight Society. Disrespect founded the studio a year after he was permanently banned on Twitch for still unknown reasons and is now on a quest to create video games that rival the best FPS franchises.
Disrespect and Midnight Studios describe the game as “the world’s first vertical extraction shooter” and early access has been given to fans who bought the $50 Founders Access Passes. And to be clear — more clear than the definition of a “vertical extraction shooter” — this is early footage and you can tell in the video below by the choppy framerate, poor gun mechanics, lack of animations, sound design, etc.
However, what makes the reveal sting even worse was Disrespect’s comments on the game in June. He stated in a now-deleted tweet that Deadropblows out anything from CoD engine.” Subsequently, his bold claim was met with ridicule by fans. Some have compared it to a mobile game and others have described it as an arcade shooter you’d find at Chuck E. Cheese.
According to PC Gamer, Deadrop also serves as a way for Midnight Studios to sell NFTs. Players who have bought the Founder Pass have access to snapshot builds of the game that release every six weeks. These snapshots come with “procedurally generated NFTs of a character who serves as [the player’s] in-game avatar.”
Again, this game is in the very early stages of development, and it’s very uncommon to show gameplay this early in the process for the obvious reasons seen above. A release date is far in the future for Deadrop so maybe Dr Disrespect will prove us wrong and the game will blow away our expectations. Maybe.
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