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Learn more about DraftKings’ upcoming Reignmakers Football Collection and the Player Card NFTs.
The official DraftKings Reignmakers Twitter released a thread detailing new information about the upcoming 2022 Reignmakers Football Collection. In addition to the thread, President of DraftKings NA, Matt Kalish also sat down with Emerson Lotzia to break down more details of Reignmakers Football.
See the thread below:
Thread below for everything you need to know about the 2022 Reignmakers Football Collection and Player Card NFTs.

Follow @DKReignmakers and quote tweet this with which player’s NFT you want first and you could win a Core Field Pass.

Now, let’s recap all of the details that were announced on Friday and provide some additional thoughts!
The Player Cards are the heart of Reignmakers Football. They are your key to accessing fantasy games and winning prizes. Build out your collection to construct different lineups all on the blockchain. As you collect more NFTs, your lineups can have different configurations of players. The NFLPA relationship is vital to the game as it provides legitimacy to the NFTs. There are a handful of players that will be SuperStars in Reignmakers Football. These players have already been selected and can carry your collection.
To enter certain types of contests, you have to be holding the related scarcity-tiered NFT. The rarest tiers of Reignmakers NFTs will not have an infinite supply and will have guaranteed scarcity. This helps the NFTs hold value long term and makes it more difficult for a bunch of other contestants to field a similar lineup.
There will be a snapshot being taken on July 11 of all Field Pass holders which will allow users to get an airdropped NFT pack from a list of 20 big-name players. Users can decide to open the pack or keep it closed ahead of the Genesis drop.
Each player in the 2022 NFT collection is grouped into specific Position Categories based on their expected role in the team’s depth chart. Check out the player count breakdown at each position below:
QB1 — 33
Skill Starter — 124
Role Player — 57
Additional Depth — 131
Kickers — 31
Defensive Player — 128
Rookie – Offense — 32
Rookie – Defense — 32
Position Categories designations will be available in each player’s metadata attributes on the Player Cards.
Check out the following image for a full tier breakdown here:
NFTs will be distributed via the following methods:
Pack drops and auctions will start with the Genesis Drop in early August.
Check out the image below for a breakdown of the FREE full-roster starter pack you receive after getting started:
Check out this page for more information.
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