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June 27, 2022
Leave it to craft breweries to properly innovate the nonfungible token (NFT). Last week we reported on the NFT in-person event idea launched by a couple Denver area breweries. This week, Dunes Brewing, Port Orange, Fla.’s first-ever beachside brewery, becomes the first craft brewery to develop an NFT-only Mug Club (at least the first ever to email us about it).
The new NFT-powered, limited-edition, mug club has both tangible and virtual assets as value.
“We want to give our brew lovers a trend-setting way to own a part of Dunes, and this Dunes NFT Mug Club is just the beginning,” said Dunes Brewing Co-Founder Bobby Zitzka. “NFTs are one of the newest and most popular additions to businesses and we believe NFTs need tangible value, which is why we developed a way to include our limited-edition digital artwork with real-world perks like beer.”
Here is how it works: The Dunes NFT Mug Club will start with only 100 mugs. The freshly brewed membership unlocks perks in one of three tiers – Special, Rare and Ultra-Rare – over the course of five years — which is another pretty interesting idea.
Starting at $395, members will receive exclusive numbered NFTs, discounted beer, limited-edition merchandise, invitations to exclusive parties at Dunes Brewing and much more – a value starting at $2,500.
Zitzka credits Benedict Advertising, a full-service agency in Port Orange, with bringing the idea for this NFT Mug Club and creating all the available NFTs. Benedict Advertising is also the agency behind all of Dunes Brewing’s logo, crowlers, merchandise creative and more.
The new Dunes NFT Mug Club is now available. It is powered by Voice.
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