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Jun 22, 2022, 16:22 ET
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Transforming yet another office environment, @Ease 605 offers 28,000 square feet of meeting facilities, outdoor space, powered communal lounges, and hosts a unique NFT multi-media art exhibition all developed with Ease Hospitality’s signature biophilic design at 605 3rd Avenue. @Ease’s five-star integrated services along with its world-class technology systems create seamless integration for in-person, virtual, or hybrid events.
NEW YORK, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ease Hospitality has opened their second physical amenity, meetings, and conference center location, @Ease 605. The luxury management specialists expanded their portfolio of solutions for modern events and office spaces, with first-class amenities that anticipate and exceed their guests’ needs. @Ease 605 features powered communal lounge spaces, break-out, classroom or pod meeting and conferencing spaces, two generous outdoor terraces, and the second location of their signature Palm Rose Cafe with health-conscious and seasonal gourmet cuisine, all enhanced with the latest innovations in technology woven seamlessly throughout the space. @Ease 605 is home to a custom and revolving NFT art exhibition, "Masked Monolith: Journey into the Hybrid Jungle," by artist Kenneth Wayne Alexander. The exhibition, the first of its kind in Midtown, was unveiled last night during NFT.NYC week and is powered by digital art platform Blackdove. During the event, an NFT collection from international street muralist Vexta was also showcased on internal displays. Vexta’s works of art were initially created as part of a mural and Augmented Reality experience overlay at Ease Hospitality’s sponsored park experience at 1345 Avenue of the Americas.
"We are deeply aware of the importance of evolutionary technology in the workplace, balancing green and digital is a delicate dance. By adding this NFT exhibition that features an artist who is able to incorporate natural elements we stay true to our core and our future", says founder of Ease Hospitality Crystal Fisher. "We celebrate beauty in opening this location. The beauty of coming together to enjoy each other’s company, the beauty of the space that is wrapped in greenscape, and the beauty of the artwork that we can now take home if we enjoy it thanks to world-class software like Blackdove. The modernity of this event alone is a beautiful moment in our cultural story, to be @Ease is to feel good and want to create at your highest level." 
Ease Hospitality and Fisher Brother’s changed the face of the modern workplace in February 2021 with the launch of @Ease 1345. This inaugural physical space effectively created an elevated practical lifestyle solution for commercial buildings offering a five-star, curated ecosystem that successfully blends the physical and digital experience. @Ease 605 opening its doors in the heart of Midtown expands the company’s mission to fill a growing need to provide onsite world-class service and support to all functional areas of business, particularly as companies return post-pandemic. Most critically, today, the management company culture rests on "evolutionary technology", outfitting each location with state-of-the-art technology and global connectivity suited for in-person, hybrid, or virtual events. The company is prewired for future-proofing of pop-up and permanent installations like hosting a web-based art gallery, offering meditation minutes on-demand through the workplace app, and continually evaluating the role of the metaverse in today’s workplace.
Blackdove has designed a custom NFT display in the space, the company’s first permanent installation in New York City, showcasing 6 digital canvases – 6 x 65" LG screens. With the ability to rotate artists and works of art, the first artist to be displayed @Ease 605’s Blackdove NFT gallery is multidisciplinary artist Kenneth Wayne Alexander. Kenneth uses mixed-media collages depicting imaginary worlds and a Surrealist style that contemplates serene yet deeply complex realities. Kenneth’s digital art is an extension of Ease Hospitality’s mission to redefine the future of the office and amenities market. Through a limitless approach to blending natural beauty and technology, the artwork enhances the experience and creates a more productive, rewarding, and healthy workplace. Events booked at @Ease 605 can also commission these digital canvases for integration of branding to create a custom and fully immersive experience.
"Blackdove is pleased to partner with Ease Hospitality to open Midtown’s first permanent NFT gallery in a beautiful, modern space. Featuring Blackdove’s Afro-Futurist digital artist Kenneth Wayne Alexander presented through our advanced technology and NFT Digital Canvases, this inaugural exhibition sets the perfect tone for the artistic experience that guests at @Ease 605 will encounter now and in the future," said Blackdove Gallery and Partnerships Manager Lara Binnet.
@Ease 605’s 28,000 square feet of space is made up of multiple meetings, events, and conferencing facilities. The Oasis North, Oasis Mid, and Oasis South conference rooms combine to create the 3,070 square feet Oasis Assembly that can host 200 people. These three areas can be sectioned out to offer 700 square feet for 66 guests, 1670 square feet for 100 guests, and 700 feet for 66 guests respectively. Breakout meeting rooms or spaces designed for more intimate events include Bamboo North which boasts 1440 square feet and can host up to 100 guests, Bamboo South with 1000 square feet available for up to 72 guests, and the Maple Boardroom with 380 square feet for 14 guests. The Gallery reception area can host 190 people at a time with 1560 square feet of space to serve catering or convene during a meeting or event. Communal areas include a tenant lounge with powered, meeting desks and seating areas, access to individual private "Cove" drop-in rooms, a respite room, and access to grab & go food and beverage options plus the on-demand service of the Palm Rose Cafe. Two, much-coveted terrace spaces cover more than 4,300 square feet for outdoor convening and/or reprieving.
Ease Hospitality’s signature design was developed, in collaboration with award-winning architect David Rockwell and Rockwell Group, throughout the development and inception of the inaugural location @Ease 1345 located at 1345 Avenue of the Americas. The brand standards carry over to @Ease 605, anchored in Biophilic principles and organic materials to promote both wellness and productivity in the working environment. Each location boasts unique standout features of green design and naturally formed elements like heavily veined dark marble in varying shades. From the largest terrarium in the Northeast to the more than 500 square feet of vertical green landscape, the biophilic intent is carried through the material and palette selection. There is no space left uncovered, even special moments like the tenant-only branded "selfie-booths" (private phone booths) are wrapped in themed faux florals and silk roses to remind guests of the importance of balancing both nature and artistic endeavors.
"We started Ease Hospitality to create a true connection with our tenants and guests. @Ease 605 is a testament to meeting a growing need and demonstrates our dedication to adding value to the workplace experience," says Crystal. "We have found, through challenging times, that the blending of the comforts of the physical space and the convenience of the digital landscape allows us to be at ease while we work. Adding the NFT exhibition, we are surging further into the realms of art and of technology to offer a truly unique experience for our guests. Technology changes every day, plants continue to grow and change color in the same fashion, and nothing good stays the same for too long. The Ease culture promotes innovation, adaptation, and communication. We believe we must continue to grow our offerings, our services, and the way we deliver them to our guests to remain at the forefront of hospitality."
Currently open to tenants of 605 3rd Avenue, select guests who have booked meetings and events in both locations, and a small pool of tenant referrals from the property, Ease Hospitality is piloting a VIP Membership Program with the intention to open its doors wider. The membership program will allow the company to host external guests wishing to book a day or weekly pass and grant access to use the tenant lounges, Palm Rose Cafes, meeting facilities, on-demand access to the NFT art exhibition, and more at their @Ease 1345 and @Ease 605 luxury amenities and powered workspaces.
Ease Hospitality is navigating a return to the office at a time when health and safety are of the utmost importance. The Ease team has taken every precaution to ensure a safe and controlled environment for tenants and guests. With a background in operations, Crystal says, "You cannot work well unless you live well, which is why we have undergone WELL certification across the Fisher Brother’s portfolio, and continue to carry the message of healthy choices on site all day long as offered through our hospitality services."
As with @Ease 1345, @Ease 605 offers seamless integration and customization of daily programming onsite throughout from the curb of the building to a tenant’s desk through the @Ease Workplace app. This app affords tenants a one-touch solution to a streamlined experience in the palm of their hands. Whether a tenant is programming the elevator recall as they arrive from the corner, ordering lunch from the cafe for one or one hundred guests through vertical catering, inquiring about meeting rooms, or looking to book a tailored wellness moment, from personal massage at @Ease 1345 to one-on-one Yoga at @Ease 605, tenants can effortlessly access all offerings through one tap of the workplace tile.
The custom @Ease Workplace app allows for touch-less entry and partners with Kastle Systems to provide virtual security screenings that help limit person-to-person contact. Through the pandemic Fisher was of the first landlords/operators to install commercial photo-hydro ionization units within the HVAC main system to eliminate unwanted VOCs and virtually eradicate airborne viruses including coronavirus, improving overall indoor air quality. The system runs all day and enhances air quality within each @Ease location, while MoonBeam3, @Ease’s cleanliness choice technology, harnesses UV rays to disinfect all high-touch surfaces. Hand sanitizing stations with custom branded Palm Rose spread throughout the venue, masks available upon request, and beacons alert managers of densely populated areas allowing for better scheduling of on-demand cleaning and access control of crowds if/when needed. Distinguished, well-appointed, and WELL Certified, the @Ease 605 experience provides a personalized "finishing touch" creating a five-star experience for every meeting, conference, and event. 
@Ease 605 is located on the 7th floor at 605 3rd Avenue. For additional information about Ease Hospitality, please visit or follow @easehospitality on Instagram. To learn more about hosting a meeting, conference, or event, or to inquire about management services please email [email protected].
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