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Following its first NFT launch on Binance NFT, EX Sports is now ready for its second Urbanball NFT drop on the platform. This time, Urbanball features ‘Belgium Edition’ street football NFTs. These NFTs will be dropped on June 24, 11 am UTC.
In detail, Urbanball NFTs will be distributed through randomized mystery box packs and feature real-life street football tournament winners from Brussels and Antwerp. A total of 10,000 NFTs will be minted, and each Mystery Box will cost only $25, a 50% reduction compared to the first drop.
Also, each mystery box will consist of either a character or skill card NFT. However, both of these NFTs require playing the Urbanball play-to-earn street football game that is scheduled for release later this year. Character cards depict real-life street football players, who earned their place in the drop and game by winning the Urbanball 1v1 ‘fightball’ tournaments in their home countries.
Meanwhile, skill cards consist of different football techniques that can be used to enhance the performance of characters in the game.
Notably, the game will offer players a variety of player versus player (PvP) and player versus enemy (PvE) modes to compete in, with winners earning rewards that can be redeemed for real experiences. This concept is led by football champion and internet sensation Sean Garnier, who has 19 million social media followers and over 2 billion video views.
Moreover, these NFTs are also digital collectibles with real utility. With the majority of each primary sale of NFT going to the athletes, it helps them grow and develop their careers.
The integration between Binance NFT and EX Sports makes both the teams recognize the potential to nurture up-and-coming talent, while also supporting the growth of niche sports. EX Sports aggregates sports IP and aims to create an ecosystem with real benefits for ‘underdog’ athletes.
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