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Today, we’re thrilled to announce the newest AIKON partner, Exotopia — the startup behind an immersive NFT space experience.
AIKON’s ORE ID Web3 onboarding solution is integrated by Exotopia as their universal account for creating a wallet to seamlessly buy, sell and trade NFTs directly, without ever having to leave the Exotopia experience — and without having to purchase cryptocurrency.
Exotopia joins AIKON’s growing customers in the NFT space including FUFU, and RedFOX Labs, the global leader in metaverse experiences focused on retail, media, gaming and rewards.
This news comes hot on the heels of our latest milestone announcing that ORE ID has crossed 200K accounts and the launch of ORE ID’s enhanced experience, providing developers with a simple, secure and customizable UX process for built-in blockchain transactions — without ever needing to redirect the end-user for transaction signing.
Bringing the Excitement of Space Exploration to the Masses with a Single-Click
Built on the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) Network, ORE ID allows both businesses and consumers to manage their own keys across any blockchain with a simple authorization and wallet creation experience using everyday logins like GMail, Facebook, SMS and more.
Exotopia’s mission to accelerate blockchain adoption with simple-to-use solutions matches AIKON’s own vision. Exotopia is a project by Scott Kildall, an artist that is collaborating with the SETI Institute. The browser-based storytelling experience takes users on an imaginary space voyage to a nearby exoplanet for a unique 30-day story.
According to Kildall, “One key benefit of ORE ID’s authentication system is that we can seamlessly integrate with Stripe to enable our users to purchase NFT tickets with a credit card. Since ORE provides a default blockchain wallet, we don't have to guide users through the technically intimidating onboarding process of creating a wallet and getting crypto in it. Users can buy a ticket with USD and receive their NFTs all with ORE ID's API. Setting up a wallet and converting to lesser-known crypto such as Matic is a technical hurdle where people get turned off from NFT projects. Working with ORE ID circumvents what would be an otherwise confusing user experience."
The Exotopia journeys are rooted in actual science, and Kildall has developed them with scientific advisors from SETI to imagine where extraterrestrial life could actually exist. The newest experience launches three voyages throughout the Summer and Fall, each with about 100 tickets for sale — with plans to scale up their users as the project improves and develops.
“What happens when we find out we are not alone? Exotopia’s voyages reveal the possibilities, imaging a very likely future where we have detected signs of alien life all over the galaxy. With ORE ID, Exotopia introduces NFTs to a broad range of curious minds in a secure way. AIKON’s Web3 solution on Polygon allows our users to buy a ticket with a single click for a seamless, out-of-this-world onboarding experience,” explains Exotopia Creator Scot Kildall.
AIKON CEO and Co-Founder, Marc Blinder shared, “We’re excited to partner with Exotopia as they continue to grow their NFT experience and accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Exotopia’s use of ORE ID will help scale our users to the next 200K accounts….and beyond.”
Register for your chance to experience Exotopia’s exciting world. Tickets are available on June 24th — and if you’re at NFT.NYC, keep an eye out for the sneak peek launch!
Interested in getting started with AIKON’s solutions? Contact us today!
Blockchain and crypto are technologically complex. AIKON makes it simple. We’ve built a suite of intuitive products built on the ORE Network ($ORE) for enterprise companies looking to provide a seamless user experience that works cross-chain with Algorand, Ethereum, EOS and more.
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About Exotopia
Exotopia is an NFT storytelling experience, where you buy a ticket to an imaginary space voyage to a nearby exoplanet and get a unique, 30-day story. The journeys are rooted in actual science with scientific advisors from the SETI Institute to imagine where extraterrestrial life could actually exist.
Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog
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