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Tamadoge (TAMA) is a play-to-earn token that has been the talk of the crypto town for the last few weeks. As the name implies, the token capitalizes on the memecoin label to draw traction to its play-to-earn ecosystem that integrates NFT, metaverse, and augmented reality applications. 
Crypto analysts and industry experts predict a 50X growth for TAMA in the coming days. Let’s take a deep dive into the project and understand why. 
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Tamadoge has been defying the general crypto trend since its presale, much to the crypto community’s surprise. The presale was completed ahead of schedule, hitting an ambitious hard cap of $19M when everyone thought memecoins were bygone. 
Soon after, TAMA began its exchange listing with OKX. Although the demand settled down after the first few hours, the token is bouncing back with new vigor. It hit an all-time high of $0.1656 on 4 Oct 2022, booking around 20X returns for early investors. 
#Tamadoge – Simply The Best
— TAMADOGE (@Tamadogecoin) October 4, 2022
Crypto analysts predict that this marks the beginning of a bull run that could go on for the next few days. It is triggered by Tamadoge listings on LBank and MEXC and the launch of the first collection of Tamadoge Pet NFTs. TAMA is expected to be one of the next cryptocurrencies to explode in 2022
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There was a time when memecoins were all the rage. However, they have faded into obscurity due to a lack of robust utilities. Even large-cap tokens like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have failed to live up to the expectations of the community. They don’t have an ambitious vision or a realistic action plan. 
The bar for memecoin projects was set so low that they survived primarily on shilling. As expected, investors back out eventually. The tokens witness dramatic crashes within months of launching and bite the dust with no signs of recovery. 
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— TAMADOGE (@Tamadogecoin) October 2, 2022
Tamadoge focuses on building value rather than speculation. It introduces a large play-to-earn ecosystem packed with metaverse, NFT, and augmented reality integrations. The project is centered around Tamadoge Pet NFTs. You can mint, breed, and play with them using TAMA tokens. More importantly, you can sign them up for leaderboard challenges that reward top gainers. 
The simple, fun gaming mechanics give the project a solid base in the crypto market and make TAMA one of the top cryptos to buy for the best returns. Stepping into 2023, Tamadoge will explore metaverse integration with established projects, marking the project’s transition to Tamaverse –  the Tamadoge metaverse. However, the key attractive aspect of the project is the Augmented Reality app that is scheduled for release in late 2023. It allows you to play with your Tamadoge Pet NFTs in the virtual world. 
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Tamadoge has successfully undergone a smart contract audit from the leading blockchain security company Solid Proof. And the project is verified by CoinSniper, ruling out chances of rug pulls. The game development is currently moving ahead in full swing under the leadership of multidisciplinary experts. TAMA makes a great investment if you’re looking for cryptocurrencies with lower risk-returns
Tamadoge’s first collection of 100 ULTRA-RARE NFTs is available for purchase on OpenSea from 6 October 2022. The NFT drop goes on to prove that Tamadoge is serious about sticking to its roadmap. 
Tamadoge Ultra NFTs!📣
Limited to 100 NFTs, these pumped up pooches have been hitting the gym💪
They have increased agility, speed and awareness, giving holders an overall stats boost to help you climb the leaderboard and gain more rewards!🙌
Learn more
— TAMADOGE (@Tamadogecoin) October 3, 2022
The limited collection of ULTRA-RARE NFTs features better agility, speed, and awareness compared to the rest of the NFTs from the first collection of 21,100 Tamadoge Pets. They will offer one of the best ways to make money with NFTs this year. 
If you couldn’t grab the ULTRA-RARE NFTs, don’t worry. Tamadoge is soon dropping more collections according to the official website
Join Tamadoge on Twitter and Telegram to get the latest updates about upcoming TAMA listings and Tamadoge NFT launches. 
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