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Another burger joint has joined the NFT boom.
This time it’s Fatburger, who has partnered up with Supper Club, a Web3 focused food club, to create the burger chain’s first NFT drop.
Unlike some of the early moves by fast-food chains into NFTs, Fatburger is making it worth your while by adding some real-world utility to their token. Those who sign up early enough to get one of the 500 limited edition NFTs will get a coupon to redeem for a free Fatburger.
Unfortunately, however, to get access to the NFT and coupon they have to jump through a few technical hoops. From the release: Guests can access their specialty NFTs through their Solana blockchain wallet and will be able to redeem a coupon for a free Original Fatburger on their online purchase, starting June 1 through the end of the month. Once a user links their wallet to their browser, the Fatburger online ordering website will register if a user has an NFT in their Solana wallet and the coupon can be applied. Coupons will be redeemable once per NFT owner and will not include add-ons.
Maybe it’s no big deal for anyone who’s already fluent in NFTs and web3. I’m also sure there are enough Fatburger fanboys out there who will spend the time venturing into the world of web3 for the first time to learn how to install a wallet plugin on their browser, save their recovery phrase, and then connect to the Fatburger website to redeem the coupon.
But like we’ve said before (and others like Adam Brotman have been evangelizing), the consumer user experience needs to be much easier than it is now when it comes to using NFTs. My guess is it will get there- someday – where it will be as easy as tapping your phone or scanning a QR code to buy and use NFTs. Unfortunately, that point is definitely not now.
If you’d like to scoop up a Fatburger NFT on National Burger day, head on over to the Fatburger mint page early on May 28th.

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