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Fimi NFT Marketplace helps underserved artists see themselves participate in rapidly-growing NFT art market, building successful creative careers
New York, NY –News Direct– Fimi Market Inc.
Fimi Market Inc., a technology company with a purpose to help people worldwide live and thrive through web3 experiences, has launched the Fimi NFT Marketplace, the only NFT art marketplace specifically designed to help women, people of color, Black diaspora artists and collectors sell and buy art while building lasting, successful creative careers and art collections. Artists and collectors can start minting, buying and selling today by visiting, establishing an account, and either connecting their crypto wallet or opening a new one if needed.
Fimi NFT Marketplace delivers art experiences through a thoughtful, multicultural, and human approach to technology, NFTs, and the metaverse – something notably absent in the current global NFT art arena, which has taken a precipitous drop in value in recent months. At the end of 2021, only 16% of NFT artists were women, and even fewer are artists of color (source: ArtTactic).
“We’ve seen the true potential for web3 technology, despite the recent drop in crypto values, to help artists create and sell their work,” said Miguel Adwin, founder and CEO, Fimi Market. “An opportunity is now emerging for an NFT marketplace that is more widely accessible for those artists who have been traditionally marginalized by both technology and the traditional art world. Fimi is Jamaican for ‘for me,’ and Fimi NFT Marketplace is for them: for women artists, artists of color, Black diaspora artists and those from other underrepresented groups to engage the rapidly-growing NFT art market in ways that are representative, meaningful, and build lasting, financially-successful creative livelihoods.”
“Sounds of Blackness is proud to celebrate Juneteenth as an Afro-centric holiday in America,” said Gary Hines, founder & music director of the three-time Grammy Award-winning and two-time NAACP Image Award nominee Sounds of Blackness. “We are offering a special limited-edition and exclusive NFT package of our new single, ‘Juneteenth Celebration.’* Sounds of Blackness recognizes that the metaverse can pave the way for entrepreneurism and economic freedom for historically underserved populations of people.”
Fimi NFT Marketplace is a multi-blockchain platform that accepts a wide range of crypto currencies. It will initially accept XLM, ETH, and MATIC cryptocurrencies, as well as the FIMI utility token, built on the Stellar Network. The FIMI Utility token provides benefits such as network-free transactions to mint, sell or buy on Stellar for holders of $100 or more in FIMI, reduced fees when sellers choose to receive payment in FIMI, as well as soon to be released perks such as early access to exclusive NFT drops and voting privileges for featured content. The FIMI utility token is available on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX) and Bitmart Exchanges.
The cost to mint an NFT on Stellar – the transaction fee also known as a “gas” fee – is less than $1 USD. Stellar also has minimal environmental impact for crypto currency: it uses just 0.00022 kilowatt-hours per transaction, compared to Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin, which use 238.22 and 1,575 kilowatt-hours, respectively, per transaction (source: Statista).
Use of Fimi NFT Marketplace has a fee of 2.25% on each transaction, with a 20% refund if artists choose to get paid in FIMI tokens. (Other NFT marketplaces, like OpenSea and Foundation, can charge between 2.5% and 5% fee on their transactions.) Plus, artists will have the option to defer NFT minting costs until the time of its sale.
The Genesis Artists – the first artists to mint on Fimi NFT Marketplace – are discovering a simple, user-friendly art minting experience. These artists include:
Miriam Andolini
Black Mamuu
Nettie Bella
Steve Brooks
Ron Brown – mint by June 20
Chameleon Arts
Sean Garrison
Infinite Villains
Kate Iverson
Caitlin Karolczak – mint by June 20
Chris Malachi
Mrs. Metal
Rashad502 – mint by June 20
Sounds of Blackness – mint by June 20
Precious Wallace
Combined with its focus on artists from underrepresented groups, Fimi NFT Marketplace truly puts artists and collectors first: they have the flexibility to mint NFTs on their preferred blockchain, defer minting costs until the time of sale, use multiple cryptocurrencies for buying or selling an NFT, and pay minimal transaction fees. In total, a transaction on Fimi NFT Marketplace means greater accessibility for artists and collectors, with minimized carbon impact and among the lowest transaction fees found in any NFT marketplace.
“Minting is super easy and fast,” said Mrs. Metal, a Genesis Artist. “I really enjoyed how it took me step-by-step; even someone not so tech-friendly could use it without feeling like they are going to mess up.”
“I honestly like the various minting options,” said Kwame, a Genesis Artist. “It adds a dynamic user experience and allows for a better artist-curated experience on a marketplace. I can tell this was well-thought out.”
“It’s important for people from all backgrounds, regions and continents to see themselves in the metaverse as it takes shape,” Adwin said. “Starting with Fimi NFT Marketplace, we aim to help artists from underrepresented groups embrace the metaverse, connect with other artists and collectors to build community, and to help them financially grow so they can focus on what they do best: creating incredible works of art. No matter where you live or how you create or collect art, our goal is for you to see yourself and visualize your own success through Fimi NFT Marketplace – for you to say, ‘Fimi is for me.’”
Artists are invited to visit, create an account and upload their work – either a single NFT or an entire collection.
*“Juneteenth Celebration” is produced and recorded by Karl Demer, Atomic K Studios; Rock the Cause Records is distributed by The Orchard.
About Fimi Market Inc.
Fimi is Jamaican – “for me” – and it’s for you. We strive to help people and communities, anywhere in the world, build financially-successful livelihoods through the potential of technology and the metaverse, in truly multicultural, representative, inclusive and supportive ways. Learn more at
Alice Riot for Fimi Market Inc.
Dawn Bryant
+1 612-859-6941
Kelly Groehler
+1 612-669-8602
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