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CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FLOLiO announced the launch of their Regulation Crowdfunding raise on the popular Start Engine platform. From their inception, FLOLiO was designed to be the go-to valuation tool for NFT owners by marrying unique Data Science models with innovative Data Architecture strategies so that these owners could accurately price all of their digital assets. However, FLOLiO’s journey has created a much larger and more insightful, interactive ecosystem. FLOLiO’s landscape has now expanded to the Creator side, wherein NFT Projects, who are now being run like start-up businesses, can finally arm themselves with proper Web3 marketing tools that allow them to efficiently grow sales and reach.

FLOLiO’s Web3 Performance Marketing technology helps Creators and Brands efficiently grow their exposure by allowing them to track consumer behaviors on-chain that are driven by Affiliates and Influencers. This unique push-pull ecosystem benefits everyone within the Web3 world and is especially valued by all the big Web2 brands that are newly entering the space.
“Web2 businesses have really grown with Affiliate Marketing,” says FLOLiO Co-Founder Mikhail Reznik, “and as more and more of them continue to digitize their offerings, FLOLiO can help them proficiently make the Web3 migration.”
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About FLOLiO
FLOLiO is a NFT Ecosystem wherein users can realize great value by experiencing the most accurate valuations of all of their holdings. Additionally, users can find information about over 4,700 NFT Collections, NFT Drops, Rarity Rankings, market data, transactional data and lots more!
This ecosystem FLOLiO has created makes it much more than simply an asset valuation platform. It is truly your one-stop-shop for all things NFT regardless of where your interest lie within the industry.
Check out today and elevate your wisdom within Web3.
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Kevin Shannon


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