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Entrepreneur, Haute Partners
by Haute Living

Frenchie Ballers is an NFT project with a fully playable VR videogame that allows owners to level up their Frenchie Baller NFT through the videogame. The NFT also gives access to its community which has already secured land in the metaverse. The founding team is made up of software developers, French Bulldog lover and NBA Champion Kendrick Perkins as well as artist Tim Mele from Vans & Puma.
The Frenchie Ballers are also building out a marketplace where individuals can win other NFT’s Merchandize, collectibles, and tickets to games. So far multiple NFL players, NBA players, and other influential individuals have hopped into the project. The VR Game is already live and fully integrated with Oculus Quest. NFTs can be leveled up in the game and sold at any level. Once bought, the new owner can continue the game at the highest level the previous owner left off at. There will be a leaderboard tracking the scores of all the NFTs to help with this process.

The collection is minting now to the public and can be purchased at
For more information on the project, you can visit their website or Twitter page
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