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This piece will bring to the know the top 5 cryptocurrencies that are set to explode by 30x Before 2022. In addition, we’ll cover various metrics of each crypto project, including their use cases and performance. 
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Updated: 12 Oct 2022 1:13 pm
Several investors are on the lookout for the next cryptocurrency to blow up. However, considering many crypto projects in the market, making a definitive decision can be difficult. 
This piece will bring to the know the top 5 cryptocurrencies that are set to explode by 30x Before 2022. In addition, we'll cover various metrics of each crypto project, including their use cases and performance. 
Top 5 Potential Cryptocurrency to Explode by 30x Before 2022
These crypto projects have great potential, but you'll need to decide based on the profitability you expect as an investor. Below are over 5 most promising cryptocurrencies that'll blow up by 30x by 2022.
1. IMPT 
IMPT is a new cryptocurrency that just launched its presale but seems ready to blow up before 2022. IMPT isn't like other new crypto projects struggling to justify its existence but is a solution to the climate crisis, one of the major issues in the 21st century. 
This crypto project allows users to earn IMPT tokens whenever they shop. Then, the tokens are converted into carbon credits which could be used in funding sustainable projects that act against carbon footprints.
Aside from shopping, carbon credits can also be bought and sold. As a result, these tokens are of high value. Interestingly, users can choose to return them in exchange for a unique NFT.
IMPT has partnered with over 10,000 brands and retailers to offer carbon credits and tokens. This partnership has also allowed them to check company and individual performances, encouraging more environmentally-friendly choices.
The IMPT project is built on Ethereum, one of the most energy-efficient blockchains after the Merge. It comprises a team of persons with years of experience in the telecom and commerce industries. 
IMPT is the best upcoming ICO considering its early presale success and real-world use cases. It launched its presale in October and made over $150,000 in investment in less than 24hrs. 
A total of 600 million tokens will be sold in phase 1 of the presale at $0.018 each, with the first phase running till sell out or November 25, whichever is first. After that, phases 2 and 3 will reach a total of 1.2 billion tokens in sales at entry points of $0.023 and $0.028, respectively.
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2. Tamadoge (TAMA) 
Unarguably, TAMA is the next big crypto project. It has been pumping since its IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on OKX. This crypto project is a play-to-earn gaming platform that allows players to battle, breed, and their Tamadoge pet in the Tamaverse.
The major elements of the Tamadoge ecosystem include the metaverse, pets, tokens, and games. TAMA raised over $19 million in 8 weeks in its just-completed presale and is one of the few coins to make gains during the 2022 bear market.
As regards the Tamadoge games, many more 'play-to-earn' options will be revealed sometime later, including arcade-style games. In addition, there are also plans to host an AR-based app. With this, players can view the game's audio and visual content at home.
All Tamadoge pets are available in NFT formats and are owned by the player. Just as they can be bought, sold, and traded, they can also be exchanged for TAMA tokens. 
In Tamaverse, players can mint, breed, and take their pets to battle to attain the top on the leaderboard. Also, you can buy digital toys and food in the pet store to help your pets grow. The best part is that, as a player, you can earn real rewards in the Tamaverse.
In addition, the TAMA token uses strict tokenomics, which makes it different from other coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. For example, Tamadoge has a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens and a deflationary mechanism that will ensure that 5% of tokens from each transaction in the pet store are burned. 
TAMA has applied for listing on the largest crypto exchange, Binance. It is already the 3rd largest meme coin (by volume), with analysts predicting more gains ahead of its upcoming NFT drop and new listings.
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3. Avalanche(AVAX)
This crypto platform uses multiple chains to launch dApps. Even though it is compatible with Ethereum, it stands as a competitor.
In 2021, Avalanche experienced a 470% growth in its average daily transactions, and its local currency, AVX, went up to over 3,300%. Aside from being the native utility token, AVAX also serves as the medium of exchange of the platform. 
AVAX is only used for transactions (fee collection and incentives) within the Avalanche ecosystem. Also, it can be staked by users as a means to earn passive income.
This smart contract platform is in partnership with big industries like AvaLabs and MasterCard. Currently, Deloitte is using the Avalanche platform to make upgrades on its 'Close As You Go' platform.  
4. Shiba Inu (SHIB) 
After Dogecoin is Shiba Inu, the second-biggest meme coin. It has numerous applications in the digital payments sector. Besides SHIB which is the primary token in the ecosystem, Shiba Inu also uses other tokens like BONE and LEASH.
This platform allows users to stake (they hold coins and receive compensation for that). Staking provides liquidity, stability, and a means to validate transactions easily.
Shiba Inu doesn't allow mining, as it adopts a PoS consensus algorithm. However, many big industries like Newegg, David, Twitch, and AMC Theatres use Shiba Inu. Considering the numerous opportunities it offers, it has been titled the “Dogecoin killer”.
5. GALA Token (GALA)
This crypto project is the Gala Games ecosystem's digital utility token. All players in the Gala Games ecosystem use GALA as a medium of exchange and a non-refundable utility token.
This token aims to provide a secure and conducive payment method between participants in the Gala Games ecosystem. This mode of payment covers in-game items and digital goods.
In-game items on the Ethereum blockchain are accessed with open-source storage mechanisms and wallets. Since the GALA app and website wallet are keyphrase-secured and open-source wallets, you can access the system. Furthermore, once you create your GALA wallet, no other person will have access to the items and funds stored within the wallet. 
Furthermore, GALA believes the complexity of blockchain technology should be invisible in its games. So, it adopts simple game mechanics that all players can navigate, whether they're blockchain gurus.
All items in the Gala Games ecosystem depend on the player-owned node ecosystem. The Gala Network backs up users who operate the Gala nodes from their home computers operating the Gala nodes.
The purpose of the decentralized Gala Games ecosystem is to create opportunities for the users and give players back the control they deserve. Through the distributed voting system, node owners and players will be enlisted to assist in deciding on which games should be included in the ecosystem.
The founder's nodes are the Gala Games ecosystem's backbone. All operators of the founder's node contribute to the growth of the decentralized gaming network.
Additionally, to get GALA rewards, the founder's nodes must support the ecosystem that enables games to run. For example, the first game built for the Gala Games ecosystem (Town Star) has a reward structure where the top players are rewarded in GALA tokens. 
Final Words 
We've covered the list of top cryptocurrencies to explode by 30x before 2022, highlighting the crypto projects with the highest price potential in the longer run.
Even though IMPT is a new crypto project, it's taking the lead. Aside from launching its presale, it promises to offer a real-world solution to help reduce the climate crisis.
The metaverse project, Tamadoge, comprising many play-to-earn features, is another great crypto project with promising potential. It has been pumping since its launch on OKX, with more listings to come soon. 
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