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Jun 28, 2022, 11:08 ET
Share this article by HODL Assets CEO Jenny Q. Ta collaborates with artists across industries to streamline the creation and sale of NFTs, including designs from Dogecoin founder and Miss USA and collections to benefit cancer research
SAN FRANCISCO, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — by HODL Assets (, the all-in-one social NFT metaverse, is announcing a series of twelve NFT collections in collaboration with a coterie of distinguished partners, including Billy Markus, creator of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. CEO Jenny Q. Ta has collaborated with more than 100 renowned artists on the collections, which will be released consecutively starting in late June.

With NFTs being a hot but still relatively novel commodity, many prospective buyers and would-be collectors don’t know where to begin in selecting particular artists or works. It can be difficult to get a wide scope of the creators and styles on the market, leaving even seasoned collectors to acquire multiple NFTs in the same niche instead of allowing them to branch out. Gathering NFT artists, collectors, and buyers together in a single space where they can sell, buy, and connect socially has also historically presented a challenge. is solving that problem by offering a space where the NFT artists and collectors can come together without having to leave the platform to communicate via third-party messaging platforms. The goal behind this new series of collaborative drops by Ta and her partners is to represent a range of the artists and genres defining the NFT market and to open up their offerings to buyers of all experience levels. For every purchase of an NFT from one collection, a user gains access to the presales for the next consecutive collection. For example, a user who purchases one of the NFTs in Collection one will qualify for the presales in Collection two, and so on.
Ta is also offering a full-service program for older generations who may not be familiar with Web3 tech and apps or with minting NFTs but still wish to create and launch their own exclusive NFTs. will take on these clients and release their NFTs for a servicing fee; for all sales from that artist or collector, will take a 10 to 15 percent cut on top of where minting and gas fees can be applied. also offers "Lazy Minting," which is a lazy-on-demand to minting at the point of purchase where the artist does not have to pay for any upfront gas fees to mint their NFTs, essentially paying the fees only once the NFT is purchased.
The collections will drop alternately on cross-chain social NFT aggregator and OpenSea. The first NFT collection will be released on OpenSea, while the second will be on, alternating between the two for ensuing drops. The first collection will feature 47 unique NFT artists benefiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Living Beyond Breast Cancer – a subsequent collection will feature a collage of the artists’ work. Among the artists who have contributed to this collection are Billy Markus, the creator of Dogecoin, and former Miss USA Susie Castillo.
Other collections will reflect their artists’ diverse abilities and interests, a few include:
"We have so many talented artists on board whose work deserves to sell, and we want to get as many people into the buying game as possible," Ta says. "We’re very pleased to be able to make this special offer of priority access to the NFT collection. The chain reaction of consecutive presales will incentivize buyers to look into each upcoming collection and generate more interest sooner for the artists. It’s a win-win."
GalaxE will simultaneously release a mobile web version of the platform. There, users will be able to view and interact with the NFT collections released on the platform. by HODL Assets was the first social aggregator platform to facilitate the creation and sale of NFTs on multiple blockchains. It assesses no initial contract, listing, or auction settlement fees and charges its users only a minting fee. Learn more about GalaxE here.
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