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Vancouver, Canada, 13th July, 2022, Chainwire
GenZeroes, the NFT-powered, live-action film and comic series, is pleased to announce an NFT airdrop and mint as the next phase of its roadmap, which will involve the distribution of new tokens to certain existing NFT holders and partner communities (the “GenZeroes NFT Mint”).

The GenZeroes NFT Mint will distribute 9,000 card packs with three levels of rarity: Holo, Gold and Silver. Each card pack will contain collectible faction profile picture NFTs, character cards and mystery cards. Mystery cards will provide redeemable utility in the form of access to URL and IRL experiences within the GenZeroes ecosystem.

By holding a GenZeroes NFT, fans of the series don’t just support and fund its creation, but also gain exclusive access to view the full series before others and enjoy additional behind-the-scenes content. In addition, NFT holders will also gain unique voting powers to shape the story as new seasons are conceived. Finally, original GenX holders will forever be recognized for their support leading to the GenZeroes drop with a personal IMDb credit. 
The NFTs will begin being distributed this summer via an airdrop to all existing GenX and HoK Genesis NFT holders, with no cost to holders except for any applicable gas fees. Following the initial GenZeroes NFT airdrop, there will be an ongoing series of mints taking place with GenZeroes’ partner communities until the entire collection has been released. Depending on the level of demand, this is expected to occur over the next few months.
Recipients will be in for a surprise because, while they’ll immediately be able to see what rarity level they have, the actual contents of the pack won’t initially be revealed. Instead, holders will have to wait until the conclusion of a set reveal period, after which they’ll have the opportunity to open their packs and trade individual cards if they so choose. Alternatively, NFT holders can choose to leave their packs sealed, with only the rarity level visible, and trade them unopened. 
GenZeroes is a first-of-its-kind, live-action and NFT-integrated series. Season One of GenZeroes was not restricted to a single form of media, with Chapters 1-8 alternating between 5- and 10-minute webisodes and comics. A thrilling sci-fi epic, GenZeroes leverages the blockchain to create a unique funding, production and consumption model for film and television. NFT token holders are rewarded for their support with exclusive access to episodes, comics and other perks.
With a star-studded cast that includes Aleks Paunovic, Paul Wight, Nicole Munoz, Richard Harmon, Bethany Brown, Praneet Akilla, Mark Hildreth, Tahmoh Penikett, Kandyse McClure and Jesse Stanley, GenZeroes is an epic sci-fi adventure set 200 years in the future after the planet has been ravaged by alien invaders. The Earth lies in ruins and emerging from the chaos are 10 ruthless factions left to battle for control of its destiny. Though each faction has access to the most advanced technology in human history, alliances and betrayals are still the most potent weapons.
Management Commentary
“The GenZeroes NFT Mint, from a utility perspective, is the first-of-its-kind not only for House of Kibaa and its parent company, Looking Glass Labs, but also for the industry. We are excited to reward our existing GenX and HoK Genesis NFT holders with these new NFT card packs as a token of our appreciation for their loyalty and support, which is also an innovative gesture within the NFT community,” said Dorian Banks, CEO of Looking Glass Labs. “As the GenZeroes NFT Mint and subsequent mints are completed, it’ll be fun and interesting to see how the community interacts with their cards and packs, based on their rarities and other factors over time,” added Mr. Banks.
About GenZeroes
GenZeroes is a sweeping sci-fi epic told 200 years in the future after earth has been left in ruins by a marauding alien species, leaving 10 factions to battle for control of humanity’s future. As the first-ever NFT-integrated live action series, GenZeroes changes the way film and television are funded, produced and consumed. Empowered by an eager community, GenZeroes utilizes blockchain technology to incorporate audience participation and reward NFT holders with exclusive access to episodes, comics and additional perks.

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