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No Fun Team Founder John T. Meyer wants to help people better understand NFTs (aka non-fungible tokens).
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No Fun Team Founder John T. Meyer wants to help people better understand NFTs (aka non-fungible tokens). We chatted with him about some of the ways he foresees NFTs showing up in Sioux Falls and learned about something called a “Chromie Squiggle.”
Answers are direct quotes from Meyer.
Unless you are an artist or a developer, very little would prepare you to understand NFTs.
My introduction to NFTs came in January 2021 in the form of NBA TopShot, the NBA’s digital collectible card platform.
A database file that can assign ownership to digital assets.
It’s not just jpegs!
Definitely my Chromie Squiggle. This project is one of the first generative art pieces. I know it looks like my 6-year-old drew it, but it was made by a computer. I think this will be worth $1 million someday.
The best use-case we’ve seen thus far is membership or access.
The best way to learn is to get your hands dirty.
If all of that seemed like a foreign language, follow me on Instagram for my series called the ABC’s of NFTs and subscribe to our weekly newsletter called The Mint which explores what NFTs are and how they’ll be used both today and in the future.
I’m always thinking of new business ideas and companies I want to start, but my time is best spent with my two daughters, Margot (6) and Liv (3), and my lovely wife Paige. I love running outdoors and am a fantasy baseball nerd.
If anyone wants to understand NFTs, crypto, or blockchain better, just shoot me an email at
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